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The Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship. Though I'm happy….they should have been the favorites. So it was kind of expected.

Either way, here is to my Celts.

George Carlin 1937-2008

Well this past weekend legendary comedian George Carlin died.
This is a man who was years ahead of the competition. His comedy was always guided at people with an IQ and to cynics.

His "Seven words you can't say on Television," revolutionized TV as well as the media.

This world will miss your professional cynicism.

Transvestite Bathrooms


In Thailand a High School decided to create bathroom for transvestite students. With a large growing of transvestites students, the school decided to take a poll, to see what it should do… this was the outcome of that poll.

A student says, "I'm so happy about this," Vichai Sangsakul, a teenager with a pixie hairdo pulled back with a pink barrette, told Thailand's PBS news channel on Tuesday. "It looks bad going to female restrooms. What would other people think?"

I love the fact that this student thinks that, "it looks bad going to female restrooms." Not the fact that he's dressed like a woman with a pixie hairdo and a pink barrette… that's not awkward at all.

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