Cheap PC for those in a Budget

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Well Wal-Mart has a PC for $150 USD.
Yes, that's includes the basic, keyboard and mouse, plus an 80 gig Hard drive.
Mind you, the PC will not come with Windows. Rather, it will use a distribution of Linux, which requires less resources and is free.
For those afraid to run linux, it is a lot like MAC OS.
However, you can install Windows Operating system on this.
Just be careful, because the system only comes with 512mb of Memory, which is not sufficient for Windows OS (operating system), but is more than enough to run Linux.


Seems as if the "help" African U.N. troops were going to give Darfur is still being asked..."Where is the help?"
According to a poll conducted by the Darfur Consortium, there is still not enough troops to give proper support to those being abused.
According to the numbers, only 26,000 troops have been deployed, rather than the 300,000 promised.


Some times the thought that the would could change for the better is lost in acts like this.
The Religious Crusades
The Holocaust
Middle East Conflict

All of this because of religion. So the one thing created to enlighten, is used to take the pleasures out of life, then to the extend of being used as a political advantage. As the world turns we'll become more "evolved" and desensitized about realism and the common wealth of all...rather than just our own.
But the argument is...if no one looks out for me...who will?
The chicken or the egg...syndrome.


Been listening to a lot of cool stuff as of late.
Blue States, XX Teens, Cass MCcombs, Calexico, Bikini and Kim Novak to name a few. Majority of the stuff is dancy; however, I've been in a relax state of mind. I guess it is because of the summer time.

I'll go ahead and add a song later on.

Blue States - Allies

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