Karen Duffy: Whatever happened to her?

When I started to watch MTV I remember one thing that stood out...It was Karen "The Duff" Duffy.
I was so taken in by her beauty and sense of wit.

She was always dressed in black and she would make these clever commentary about bands.
Then as soon as she made the clever comment her eyes would deem a bit, giving even more definition to her amazing cheeks bones.

Either way, I became fascinated with her.
She had everything I could ask for; intelligence, amazing legs and a natural beauty.

She worked with Michael Moore on TV Nation. This was before Moore was a household name.
Here is video on a segment she did.


"CNN.com - Former MTV VJ tells of battle with chronic illness - Sep. 19, 2003
Former MTV VJ tells of battle with chronic illness
By Kat Carney
CNN Headline News
Friday, September 19, 2003 Posted: 5:28 PM EDT (2128 GMT)

Karen Duffy: "[Sarcoidosis] is not a gift that I would have picked out for myself. But now that I have it ... it's made me braver."

(CNN) -- In the mid-1990's, model and former MTV VJ Karen Duffy, aka Duff, was one of Hollywood's rising stars.

But almost as quickly as she appeared on the scene, she was hit with a devastating illness.

I spoke with her about the first time she started having symptoms.

"I had this really bad headache," Duffy remembers. "And I started taking aspirins, and then I realized, this headache is really something that I've never experienced before."
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The illness itself affects people in different ways.
What happens is that inflammation of cells occurs in an organ(s).
The inflammation causes discomfort and sometimes pain. Moreove, it can cause damage to these organs.
However, there are different phases of this chronic illness and only a doctor can diagnose just how severe it is.

If you want to know what Sarcoidosis is and/or how it affects humans Click here

Though Karen has gained a bit of weight throughout the years, I can safely say I wish to marry someone who is at least half the woman she is. She has fought her battle and raised awareness.
Not to mention that she still looks as radiant as ever at the youthful age of 47.

Look at those legs. OMFG!

The Duff has written two books.
1st. Model Patient: My Life As an Incurable Wise-Ass (For Books details) This books chronicles Duff's life and how she deals with her chronic disease with humor and courage.

2nd. A Slob in the Kitchen (Click Here) This book is a collection of easy to do recipes.

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