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there are a few movies that come along that make me hate leaving europe for the "home of the whopper."
Paris, Je't Aime is one of those movies that explores Paris and it's suburbs brilliantly.
the movie was filmed by various directors and pieced together to illustrate the city and the odd stories that could transpire in the city of love.
new york can be a city like this. every day is a movie in the waiting. the big apple with it's many lives intertwined and eccentric individuals can bring these aspiring stories back to life. not to mention that its roman architecture give it a more romantic scenery than any other city, for except chicago. however, chicago does not have the magic that n.y. possesses.
god knows no one has brought n.y. back into film since woody allen. sadly, even he has left new york for paris and england.
So has eliyah woods. LoL

Natalie Portman is in this movies and what can i say....i'm utterly in like with her.
either way, the movie has an excellent cast.
Here is a LINK

later on today i will go see a movie called calendar. here is a brief description: "You've probably never even heard of Atom Egoyan's early work Calendar, (unless you have just discovered him at the MBC screenings of Next of Kin, Speaking Parts, and The Adjuster), but you should: It's one of his best to date. Egoyan stars as a calendar photographer whose wife has left him, dumping him while he was on assignment in Armenia (and choosing their tour guide!). The next year of his life is spent on dates arranged by a dating service and carefully watching his old video footage for signs of his wife's falling for the tour guide. Powerful, quirky, strange, twisted, excellent."

--Christopher Null

here is a little playlist with a lot of good songs.
1. Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone
2. My Morning Jacket - Low Down
3. The Walkmen - Donde Esta La Playa
4. Alphabeat - Public Image
5. The Last of the Shadow Puppets - My Mistake Were Made For you
6. Zoot Woman - Taken it all
7. Kim Novak - Turn A Rabbit
8. Hercules and Love Affair - Raise Me Up
9. Lansing Dreiden - Glass Corridor
10. XX Teens - Ba
11. Sister Sonny - In My Hair
12. Side Effects - Panic
13. Mystery Jets - Young Love (Feat. Lauran Marling)
14. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
15. Sam Sparro - Century Life

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