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Study: How Pot Became An American Pastime
I read this article and I really could not agree more. It seems like it goes hand in hand with the college experience. Though, I see younger people (high school) getting to experiment more and more with weed.
It seems like the college 15 and weed go hand in hand. Well, now that I think about it, I can see how it goes hand in hand.
It's funny, but when you surpass consumption from the origin country you know you have a problem.
Not to mention that in every college film there's always a pot head. Doesn't really install that much confidence in the US educational system. Then again...the rest of the world doesn't...why should we?

It's 4:30 in the A M.
And The world does not stop producing News!!!
I'm still in awe of The Duff. Man, she's age gratefully without being down about her illness. Cheers to her and Michael J Fox, who against all odds people on being inspiration to others.

Ronaldinho to sign for AC Milan this Wednesday, in a trade that's worth about $33million. The 28 year-old Brazilian player was also escorted by Manchester United, but failed to qualify with its offer.
Ronaldinho failed to be a starter the last 2 seasons with Barcelona. At that point the coach said that the Brazilian star had become a redundant item in his roation of Futbol stars.
Ronaldinho now will join Ronaldo in the Italian league and if Ronaldo is healed both will be teamates. This is also a perk as AC Milan has a lot of other Brazilian players in their starting squad.


I was listening to early David Bowie in my drive home today and I must state that 70- early 80's Bowie is great in rainy weather. I do not know if it was the mood I was in, but velvet underground is riding on that same sentiment.


Marcus Camby traded to the Clippers for a 2nd Draft Pick

"While Camby is no Elton Brand, he's not such a shabby replacement either. Put him out there with Chris Kaman, Baron Davis, Al Thornton and Cuttino Mobley, and the Clips remain respectable. Not a playoff team perhaps, and certainly miles away from title contention, but a decent team that can expect to
hang around the .500 mark."

At least now they Clips do not have to depend on Kaman's defense in the post. Not to say that he was that dependable, but he was a small presense in the paint. Now Kaman can focus on offense, which is someothing he did well last season. Not to mention that Camby is not much of an offensive threat. Making it easier for Kaman to get shots in the paint.

BLUR - Good Song

Nice chill song

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