Copping out, news, and thoughts

Well as of late I've been posting music play lists in an attempt to keep the blog updated in some sort.
I've also been working, helping friends with PC issues, and getting my own sh!t in order.
Here comes a new semester and I'm not even ready mentally.


Now that the Iraqi government is almost set to run freely, it's going to be interesting how much Dick Chaney's Halloberton/government is going to charge the Iraqi government.
The US supposedly paid $5Billion on just Halloberton. Then the government had to pay for auditors due to the fact that it overpaid for services.
Asides from that, there are other services rendered.
Iraq has their monetary accounts frozen until a present stable government is set. Then its accounts will be opened again.
I'm sure the Billions of Dollars will set forth a lot of corruption and secret handshakes.
I wonder how many elections until they turn back into a dictatorship.
If you look at history...It's on my side.


Well...another semester and more journalists go unemployed. Over the last 2 years newspapers across the US have cut over one thousand jobs. I guess I should have stuck with Social Sciences. That or become a lawyer.
It seems no matter what...there's always a job/need for a lawyer.
My question to lawyers is:
"If you drive a brand new Benz and have a $800k house, why do you still have student loans?"

It's almost as if you live in the ghetto and drive a new BMW.
I hope this semester lays the ground work for some one who is easy on the eyes, intellectual and does not get her news source from

New toys:
1. BenQ 24"LCD

2. T-Mobile Shadow

3. Blue Ant X5i - Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Now before you say that they look cheap and/or ugly. These bad boys are completely wireless and work using bluetooth. IOW, I can listen to music and handle calls from my cellphone without even taking it out of my pocket/bag.

That's it for me and updating my electronics.
At least until the semester is over. All I'll need is RAM. I want to run my system with 8gigs of ram.

Well good night...just remember it's 5 O'clock somewhere...and happy hour is about to start. :-)

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