New Semester, New Rules, New Aspirations, New Self

With every September there is a sense of new-ness to the air. Many High Schoolers become Freshmen all over again, and many freshmen graduate to becoming Sophomores. However, there are a couple of rules to follow and at least a few things to do. Though most of this list was compiled in a movie called PCU.
1st, If you haven't seen PCU...change that.
You're a freshman, so it's out of the question.
Someone on your hall will. Make friends with them on the first day.
Nothing before noon.

I must state that these rules have guided me through a long stay at UNI.
Though I do not agree with the 1st one.
making friends?
Make sure you stand out on something if you do not want the pledges not to be that hard on you.
Also, it's easier for people to accept you.

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