Sister Sonny - Orange & PC Specs.


A while back I was commenting to a couple of local DJ's that Norway has an amazing indie rock scene.
They, who are usually only influenced by what is in the top 10, were surprised about Sister Sonny's The Bandit Lab and the band 120 Days.
I've been listening to a couple of bands from there and I really dig their sound.
Scandinavia has such a rich indie scene.
Another reason I hate living in Miami...the town of the booty & ghetto music.

The last month I've spent it building PC and getting new sounds.
I've been introduced to a lot of new bands and some older ones.
I've also been fine tunning my beautiful PC's

System 1:
Processor: Intel e8400 3.0 running at 4.0
Heatsink: Thermalright TRUE 120mm
Memory: 2x2 OCZ DDR2 1066 Reapers
Mobo: DFI Blood Iron P35-T2RL
Video: Gigabyte HD3870
HardDrive: 4x500gb = 2Terrabytes.
Case: ThermalTake Tsunami

System 2:
Processor: Intel Q6600
Heatsink: Tuniq 120
Memory: 4x1 Adata DDR2 800
Mobo: Abit P35 Pro
Video: Nvidia 7800 GT
Harddrive: 200gb
Case: Tuniq 3

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