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As of late:

I've been reading up on the news and just watching as newspaper contradict and correct themselves without assigning blame or recognition on their lack of reporting.

Eastern Europe:

With growing tension in Russia to the War on Iraq, most people around the world view the US as the second coming of the Nazi era. I mean that in the sense that we invaded Iraq when Kuwait was in trouble. Then we had growing tensions with North Korea and 9/11 happened. After 9/11 the US disregarded every ruling and decision imposed by the UN. The same UN it has supported and made everyone oblige too.

It invades Iraq under wrong pretenses and then alienates and calls out every country that did not support its actions. 7 yrs later, we find ourselves with only one sense of accomplishment… taking down Hussein, which as it turns out was more cherished by his people than we thought.

Asides from this minor fact, everything we wished to accomplish; find "weapons of mass destruction," make a better living for the people who live in fear, and eradicate an oppressor has kind of failed.

In that list we have done one thing, eradicate and oppressor. Yet, we have managed a sequence of swift moves to alienate half of the UN, Summit 8 countries.

Not to mention that our imposed actions in Eastern Europe are stepping on Russia's toes. Though the Russian economy couldn't stand a battle of weaponry at this moment, its position of natural gasses and oil are rapidly reestablishing this once broken country into a power house all over again.

We're America!!!

Very much true. We consume most of the crap around the world and help countries manage a better economy; however, those countries also maintain ours.

We, as US citizens, depend on South America, Middle East, & Russia for oil.

We depend on China, Japan and Thailand for cheap labor and consumable products.

With the increase in oil costs we have seen how the economy has taken a hit. With that increase consumable products prices have also increased due to transportation fees and costs of living in a result to that.

9/11, A plot smarter than anticipated

I don't assume to know, but I can attest to the changes it has caused. My best friend lives in New York and I was scare sh!tless when I heard about the twin towers. I was able to send him an email as the phone lines were tied up.

The attack made America vulnerable and in a way was payback for all of the innocent people the US has killed in its mission and operations around the world.

However, this has caused more of a rift in the US.

Not only did it hurt the world's economy by closing Wall Street, but it also has made the US Dollar weaker, it has exposed the US blindsided and created fear within its inhabitants.

By creating "red alerts, orange alert, etc…" the government has created fear within its people. This hurts the economy because people stop spending money. As a result to this the US Dollar weakens, the country goes in to a recession and unemployment is just around the corner. Companies have to cut costs and job to keep a margin of profit and in a circular motion; we scream at our government who shifts the blame on the war it has created with a country that was not the main target from the beginning.

The US's reaction has acted as propaganda for anyone who doesn't like the US. Al-Qaida, has gotten away with the murder of thousands at the cost of Iraq.

We are getting closer to dismantling Al-Qaida?

The fact that we are "capturing" pieces of Al-Qaida is a good thing; however, I think it does very little within the organization. If we have seen anything from history is that someone younger and more ruthless is going to step up in that pawn's position.

The older people from Al-Qaida had a strong dislike for America, but the US had hardly acted upon acknowledging it. However, after the "war on terror" many young people have seen their friends and family member die as a consequence.

The human reaction would be to do one of two things…retaliate or run away. With the strong ties to religion and religious vengeance one can see how the actions of the US have created a perfect propaganda snuff film.

I don't like Olbermann, but

I find Keith Olbermann too lefty and blinded by his own ignorance and arrogance, but he pointed out last week how the Republican Party keeps on selling the war on to its constituents by using it as a marketing ploy.

"9/11… Now we have made the world safer."
"9/11… We went to Iraq and kicked butt."
"9/11… The US; be all that we can be."
"9/11… There have been no more attempts."
"9/11... Our Americans will not die in vain."
Now roll the names of the people who have died. (Tears)

Candidate, "We have gone and removed an enabling dictator and we will get every one of those who have harmed America." (cheers)

The crowd cheers and the names of the innocent who have died roll behind its political leader.

All of this because of a predominant Republican government, cheers.

Funny how this ploy kind of reminds me of U2's Zooropa.
Zooropa...vorsprung durch technik (a step ahead through technology)
Zooropa...be all that you can be
Be a winner
Eat to get slimmer

Zooropa...a bluer kind of white
Zooropa...it could be yours tonight
We're mild and green
And squeaky clean
click on Lyrics to read them all.

I find this a bit out of taste and if its people do not stand up and say something that says a lot about the brainwashing going on there. Then again, the Nazi party used the same propaganda.

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