A house for $1.44 and Spain's Imigration

BBC NEWS | Europe | Sicily mayor offers bargain homes

I thought this was an interesting approach at getting people to move back to an isolated region, that was once a beautiful piece of land.
To summarize, western Sicily's Mayor, Vittorio Sgarbi, decided to sell houses in this area for $1.44.
However, there is a catch. While you get the house for nearly free, you have to fix the property, which is in horrid conditions.
The local government owns 3,700 houses in this historic town that has been deserted after an earthquake 40 years ago.

It's a nice gesture and a way to get rid of the houses to regain property tax value. Not to mention the sense of pride these people will get once the town is beautifully restored.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Spain's radical plan for migrants

Spain has a way to deal with immigrants. Hire them for a construction job, then give them the option of a large compensation to leave the country for 3 years or just get paid for the job.
According to the statistics in this article the unemployment benefits have risen by 81% in the last year and immigration is up 800% in the last decade.
For those who do not know, Spain is considered a third world country.

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