Keeping up with the Perez's

I was going to write the Jones, but Miami, being a mostly Hispanic community it would not make sense.
Either way, as the government and church line was blurred by this current government, government and private sector has been breached too.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been invaded by the republican government in an attempt to stabilize the mortgage fiasco that the brought down the economy.
This fiasco has made my drinks more expensive, my saving's account a lot smaller, and my gas tank full at half.
I wonder what questions ABC will ask Sarah Palin tomorrow. The Republican nominated VP is doing her first interview.
I wonder if she'll pose next to a Pit Bull tomorrow?
If the reporter will ask her if she thinks the current administration has ran the country in a positive way?
What would have she done different and how?
Her opinion on the way the US keep on meddling in eastern European affairs and aggravating a dormant powerhouse in Russia?
Lastly, does she think it was right to invade Iraq rather than invading the mountains in Afghanistan with the local government's permission?

If she fails to give another response to what we've heard then she will be part of the machine that is giving her her 15 mins of fame.

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