Lets play the, "Guess the song" game!

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So let’s play a game. The following playlist contains songs that were all in a movie. IOW’s they are part of a soundtrack. I will give a line hint about the name of the movie and if you get it right….well you can right it below on the posting.
1. I do not know about you, but Rex Manning day is still one of my most memorable days.
2. Tom Tom heard she had a hairy beaver; however, he just actually wanted to pet it not knowing the other meaning of beaver.
3. Palin’s daughter is going through something similar right now
4. Colinllon Mosen-yo’
5. In a way being a foreigner in a new country and not knowing the language can be frightening, but what’s even worse is moving into a house were chaos looms in its diversified characters.
6. In a Sean Connery Voice “I've got the beast in my sights, Moneypenny”
7. Til’ this day I think it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s most sensuous role. Not to mention, “Side boob.”
8. Not really a song from any soundtrack, but a collection from a band that’s rare sound and high climatic composition make them a favorite among indie kids.
9. This movie placed the two main actors on the map, but the female actress never really equaled the level of popularity.
10. Same as #8. The name of the album is something we grill.
11. This show is coming to ABC after it’s success was evident on BBC. To think, there are more uses to David Bowie’s songs.
12. Kate Blanchet most challenging role. It’s also the first time she has ever had to act and prepare in a way she had never done before.
13. Is CCTV really out to protect us or is big government trying to keep tracks?
14. This show perhaps had the best ending of any show. I guess it was the perfect funeral.
15. This one should be obvious, but this is one of the movies that explored the lives of people in the 70’s using the music of the most decorated band in History.


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