My T-Mobile G1 Review.


Overall Review of the G1 by HTC and T-Mobile
The closest phone to compare the phone to (design) sidekick and Wing.

1. Battery.
HTC (Shadow, Wing, Mogul, Touch) has a problem making products that are battery efficient. I found that having the 3g and WiFi feature on will waste the battery with regular use in about 5-6hrs.

2. Design
I actually like the design. It's very simple and has 5 buttons on the main front.
Call - Home - Scroll/Select Wheel - Menu - Back Arrow - Cancel/Hang Up Call
I chose the black matte finish G1. since the scratches are more noticeable on the brown.
The finish is smooth and does attract fingerprints, but that is easily solved by running it through your shirt.

The screen is one touch. Meaning you can click it to link or scroll. For more functions icons will appear at the bottom and right corner that will let you zoom, expand or scroll.
The quality of the screen (viewing) is pretty awesome. It's definition is clear.
The response time shows no lag. Unless you are running too many things in the background which will then create lag when scrolling or going between programs.

4. Keyboard.
The phone expands to the right and a full qwery keyboard lies below the screen. I came from a Shadow and it takes some getting used to, but those who use a full Qwery keyboard will only have to adapt to the accents and punctuation keys. The keys do elevate from the background. So when you glide your fingers through you can tell the difference between keys.

5. OS (Operating System) Google's big stake.
a. The system runs very efficient. It is great on using its resources and is pretty fast when calling up a program. That also has to do with the processor and ram the unit is using.

Google products (GPS, eMail, Messenger) all work great and w/o hiccups.

b. SMS (Text Messages)
The T9 (predictive text) is pretty good. Adding apostrophes automatically and at times correcting misspellings.

c. MMS (Multi Media Messages)
I did notice that I can’t attach video files or music files on MMS (Multimedia Text Messages) which is a big negative for me. I have birthday jingles and even music snippets that I use on MMS’s and I can’t use them now.
Also, photos that have been sent through MMS cannot be saved onto the phone/memory card.

This needs more work as I find it a big time negative.

6. Camera
The camera is 3megapixels which is good. The quality is pretty tight. If you hold the button half way it auto focus and picture quality comes out good.

B. Video
None. Hopefully this will get fixed with an app or firmware.

7. Memory/Storage
The phone supports up to 16 gigs of micro SD card space. I’ve heard of people trying up to 32 gigs. There is fast response w/o lag. That also depends on the phone and the memory used.

8. Features
The video player is non-existent. One is better going to the Market Place (app store) and downloading a video player they have.

This feature is pretty simple to use. If you want search for a video just start typing on the youtube application and it acts like a search option. It’s simple and easy to use.

9. Market Place
The market place is free so that’s awesome. There are about 50 apps and about 8 are really useful. The rest need work. Current appts I’m using:
1. The weather channel – self explanatory
2. Compare Everything – Scans UPC (barcode) from products and based on your location it finds the best prices around the area.
3. Video Player – Plays videos
4. iSkoot for Skype – It’s an skype app that lets you use your phone as a skype phone. However, it uses your minutes. (Just downloaded for the sake of not being charged in the future)
5. Wikimobile – Loads a lot faster than the Wikipedia page. Useful and fast.
6. SplashPlay – A memory exercise game.
7. PicSay – a photo enhancing program.
8. Shazam – music recognition software. If you hear a song, load up the programs and it tells you who it is. Pretty AWESOME
9. T-Mobile Hotspot – Finds places where T-Mobile has internet services.
10. ShoSavvy – a lot like Compare everything only that it tries to find the items on online marketplaces (amazon,, etc..)

10. Bluetooth
The Bluetooth is like any other except it doesn’t have the driver (program that tells the hardware what to do or support) to use Stereo bluetooth, which is essential for me as I use my phone as an MP3 Player.

11. T-Mobile
Sorry, but T-Mobile 3G coverage in Kendall/South Miami area is mediocre at best. I managed to go up to downtown and most of the time it was on the EDGE (imagine dial up speeds.) Ultimately, I’m paying for a service I can’t really take advantage of until T-Mobile starts establishing more 3g towers.
T-Mobile bought the spectrum from the government, though the government took its time getting off the spectrum. It’s as if they released the product w/o having the capability to support it completely.
We’ll see how fast they are able to develop and expand.


The phone has the proper hardware it seems google and t-mobile tried to attack the market before x-mas. The product seems a bit Beta rather than full release. The MMS features need to be fixed and so does the 3g network. Those are the vital parts that will make this item a success or failure. The Bluetooth is a driver issue and I’m sure some programmer(s) will figure it out. The failures are minor and seem software provoked.
As far as the phone, well I wished it had a headphone jack, but HTC seems to be blinded and deaf by this item which could make it a multimedia power and iPhone competition.

1. OS works great.
2. Hardware is responsive.
3. Open source leaves the door open for upgrades w/o hardware changes.
4. Use

1. Network (3g)
2. Headphone Jack
3. MMS management and features.
4. Access to Memory card items from a File System Folder.

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