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Film Reviews

1. Avalon (Polish) (Sci-fI) Malgorzata Foremniak, Wladyslaw Kowalski, a Mamoru Oshii Film.

The way this movie was shot was just amazing. The black and white to color sequences were amazing. The script was just tight. Not a boring moment. Films should be done this way. Too bad it never caught on in the American market. This was a brilliant effort by the guy who did Ghost In The Shell.

2. Lucia y El Sexo (Spain) Drama - Paz Vega, Julio Medem

Passionate, twisted, moving, and just about perfect. Those are the adjectives I can use to describe this movie. If you can't get laid after watching this with a date then nothing will help. Julio Medem is just an amazing writer/director. The way the sequences go and the way the story is told leave for little gaps of mesmerizing scenery. Paz Vega is just amazing in this movie. She's so amazingly lustful and nymph like that I fell in love with her. Over all I must see.

3. Valentin (Argentina) Comedy

One of the most amazing films I have ever seen about someone's childhood. The lead actor rocks and this movie is worth it. -Lenny
This movie is just amazing. It's about a little boy whose divorced parents really do not care about him. His grandmother is old and sick. So he decides to make the best of it. This is a great heartfelt story. The script/kid actor/ and the plot is just amazing. A Must see.

4. The Million Dollar Hotel (USA, Mel Gibson, Milla Jovovich, Tim Roth, Bono, A Wim Wenders Film) Drama

This is the type of movie that you either hate or love. Like every Wender's movie, it is super slow and very little on action. His documentary style of filmmaking can get on people's nerves. I enjoy it. His movies are based on dialogue and not on special effect. Well the movie revolves around a Hotel where drug addicts, bums, convicts all live. A murder happened and Mel Gibson is on the case. What happens next is a love story with a weird twist that leave to a very compassionate tale. Overall, I quite enjoyed this movie.

5. The End of Violence (Wim Wenders) Drama Andie McDowell, Bill Pullman.


6. Fuck it. REnt the whole Wim Wenders Catalog if you find it. All Dramas.

He is sometimes tough to get through. Movies like Paris, Texas & Until the End of the World are slow and doesn't really come together to demand the slowness. But then he makes Wings of Desire and you forgive him for all of those movies. Wings is wonderful. Watch.

7. Love & Other Catastrophes (Aus) Dramedy

This is one of my fav movies. It stars the girl from Black & White. It's about a group of friends trying to graduate college. However, on this day their lives have different chaos that leaves them to pull for each other and help each other out. I thought it was clever and funny. Worth rent/buying.

8. Goodbye Lenin! (German) Dramedy

West Germany is on the verge of democracy when the main character's mother has a heart attack. The thing is that she's a supporter of the communist party, plus she a valued political member. However, when she sees her son in a rally against the communist Germany she gets a heart attack. Feeling guilty he tries everything possible for her not to notice that Germany has dissented in a democracy. In her unstable if she experiences a sudden change it could be the end for her. Feeling guilty, her son does everything possible to accommodate her and make sure she doesn't know the wall has come down. A very light heartfelt movie about love for a mother and the sacrifices a son has to make.

9. Amores Perros (Mexico, from the same guy who wrote & directed 21 grams) Drama

Movie is broken up into three segments. The first is the best. The second sucks and the final is okay. After watching the first segment, it didn't matter how the rest was because it was amazing to watch. -Lenny

10. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico) Drama

Amazing movie from beginning to end. A must see three times. -Lenny

11. Ali G's In Da House. (Comedy UK) Ali G, Rhona Mitra

I am still laughing at two scenes when I think of this movie. -Lenny
Perhaps one of the funniest movies around. Ali G by mistakes gets into politics and changes the way people think in government. The way he gets around to getting what he wants and helping others all by mistake is just hilarious.

12. La Comunidad (Spain) Suspenseful comedy
This movie just too funny and horrible not to pass up. A temp. worker is trying out real estate. So after she shows around an apartment she decides to stay and spend the night. However, she hears noises from the flat upstairs. So she goes in to the upstairs apartment and finds a lot of money. The whole building was waiting for this old man to die so they could rob him. What happens next is a mess of mishaps and murder attempts on her life. However, they are all funny and humorous.


13. Existenze (Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh) Sci Fi

I hated this crap the moment it began. The ending, to me, was predictable and boring. - Lenny
I quite liked this movie. It's a bit like the matrix only without the special effect and better script.

14. Entropy (US)( Fictional biography) Stephen Dorff.

I thought it opened well but lost its point quick and began very pretentious. - Lenny
I thought this movie was very clever and just well shot and written. The story is loosely based on the director's real life. The way he falls for a model and through work and obsession he loses the love of his life. He then gets drunk one night and gets married to a random woman in a party. Overall I just really enjoyed it.

15. Eric Schaeffer's: Fall, If Lucy Fell, & Wirey Spindel. Romance, Comedy, Drama

I quite enjoyed this movie. A lot of people do not enjoy Eric Schaeffer's movies. I do. I think he's an odd individual with a very clever talent for psychological fuck ups.

16. Kamchatka - (Argentina) Drama

I recommend this movie because it was heartfelt. The one thing that truly pissed me off was the ending. It's the story of a family in Argentina hiding for the cops and authorities in the 70's.

17. Ken Park - (From the Director of Kids) Drama

The movie is very raw and crude. There are no apologizes made for this. It's about a group of friends in the Midwest and how messed up their relationships in life are.

18. L' Auberge Espagnole (France/Spain) Drama
(GREAT FUCKING Movie) - Lenny
This movie hit me hard because I lived in Spain and went through a similar ordeal in a relationship. It is a very entertaining movie with a good script and very good cinematography.


19. Metropolitan, 2. Barcelona, 3. Last Days of Disco, (All by the same director, great social commentary.

Have seen Last Days of Disco and it was incredibly entertaining. - Lenny
Whit Stillman is an amazing talent. His movies are social commentaries and things he lived through. At times exploring social themes and the way other view us (Americans)

20. No Man's Land (Not the lesbian porno series. European) Drama

This movie is about the war zone in the Bosnian/Serbian boarder. How these two soldiers from the rival countries are bound by a grenade that can explode at any time the soldier laying on top of it moves. It's a great movie with a great dialogue. I like the social consciousness that's expressed in the film. It's an issue most American's do not know about.

21. Nueve Reinas (Argentina) Drama Ricardo Darin

A very clever movie. This movie revolves around a conman duo that meet one day and decide to stay together for that one day. What happens between them in that day is a myth of mystical proportions. Overall this movie is very entertaining and has a great twist at the end.

22. One Hour Photo (Robin Williams is just creepy in this) Suspense

This movie was just too creppy. Perhaps one of Robin Williams is the employee of a Kmart like store, he has been working there for years. A young family always develops their film there and Williams feels like part of the family. One day he discovers that the husband is cheating on his wife. Williams' character goes nuts and tries to solve the issue.

23. The Quiet American (Brendan Frasier, Michael Cain) Drama


24. AL otro lado de la cama (Spain) IFC is showing this on satellite


25. Sexo con Amor (Chile) Comedy

This movie deals with several couple's affairs and misunderstanding. How true love from one of the partners often gets overlooked for lust and how at the end the cheating partners feel guilty and come back. Overall a good laugh. Also a very good date movie

26. Utopia (Spain) Drama/suspense
This movie revolves around a character that can sense what will happen to someone just by touching an object or picture of the person. It's a very good supernatural drama. It does have its action pieces, but it's mostly dialogue and intrigue.

27. Ghost In The Shell (Japanese)

This brilliant movie changed the way Japanese Anim is done.

28. Le Beuze (France) Comedy


29. City of God (Brazil) biography type of movie. Very action packed.

It was tough to watch because you want to believe third-world countries really aren't that bad. Great movie to watch to appreciate what you have.

30. Commandments (Aidan Quinn, Coutney Cox) Drama (I have to defend this movie.
Most people do not like it cause it is too slow, but I just love it)


31. Before Sunrise (Vienna) Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy. Romance

I loved this movie. This movie is about an American who came to Europe to visit his girlfriend. The sad thing is that she hooked up with another guy. So her now ex boyfriend (Hawke) goes around europe with a Europass. There he meets Celine (Delpy) and in 24 hrs they have one of the best night out of their lives. A truly remarkable story. Great cinematography and dialogue.

32. Amen (European) Mathiew Kassavitz (Amelie) Drama

This movie is about what a German officer and the church did during hitler's massacre of the jews. It's really slow paced and not many death scenes, but a truly remarkable film.

33. Wilbert wants to kill himself (Dutch written, acted in Scotland) Comedy drama.

Odd dramatic movie about a man who wants to die and a woman who does not know how to live life.

34. But I'm a Cheerleader (USA) Comedy Drama

Funny, light-hearted comedy.

35. Death To Smoochy (USA. Robin Williams, Ed Norton in a D. Devito film)

This movie is a dark as they come. It completely flopped. Many of you did not enjoy it, but I did. It's a great movie about the warp side of kids-tv personalities.

36. El Arte de Morir - (SPAIN) Suspense

This is a very sharp suspense movie. It deals with people not knowing whether they are dead or alive.

37. The Good Thief - (France. Nick Nolte in a Film by Niel Jordan (Crying Game))

I was actually surprised by this movie. Many might not like it. Then again, many did not enjoy The Crying Game. Nolte does a great role as a drug user with bad luck. Then he encounters this young lady who wants to be seduced by him, but he only looks at her like a good luck charm while the world around them goes into chaos.

38. El Mismo Amor, La Misma LLuvia (Argentina) Romance Ricardo Darin

I've been checking out movies from South America and this guy is a great actor.
Darin is a newspaper writer who falls in love with this liberal girl. The times are tight in Argentina in the 70's and we see how everything affects their relationship. A good heartfelt story.

39. Ghost World (USA) Steve Buscemi, Thora Birch, Scarlet Johansson

I thought it began well but slowly began garbage with a dumb ending.

40. The Guru - (USA) Heather Graham


41. Hable Con Ella, Todo sobre mi madre (SPain, Almodovar)

Everything by Almodovar is pretty incredible and original. Other great ones are Live Flesh, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and Matador.

42. House of a thousand corpse (USA Rob Zombie) Horror

I almost threw up during this film and I consider that to be an accomplishment. Watch it if you dare.- Lenny

43. Igby Goes Down (USA) Culkin, Jeff Goldblum, Susan Serandon. Drama

Quickly began one of the best movies of the new millennium. I loved it and everything was great with it. Lenny

I quite enjoyed this movie. Yes it's a bit slow but I love how all the characters seem to fit in in this great script.

44. The Salton Sea - (USA) Val Kilmer. Drama

Good drama about a guy who goes in the drug world to avenge his wife's murder. I quite liked this slow paced dramatic love story.

Half of the story is tight but the revenge aspect bored me. Lenny

45. The Secretary - (USA) James Spader, Jeremy Davies. Drama

95% of the movie was awesome. The final ten minutes pissed me off because it didn't flow with the first half.

46. 24 hour Party People - (UK) Bio/Drama

This movie explores the birth of the Manchester music scene. Where bands like Joy Division, Happy Monday, and The Smiths started from. It's also based on a true story.

47: American Splender: (USA) DRAMA/Bio

Movie is based on a true story about a cartoon comic artist and how he became famous. It's also an tribute to his wife.

48. The Spanish Prisoner (USA) Steve Martin, Campbell Scott.

Rob shows good taste with this film. Slow as can be but it opens into something great. Loved it.

49. Roger Dodger - (USA) Campbell Scott.

A kid runs away from home to visit his estranged uncle in NY. His reason for doing so is to meet his uncle and learn how to pick up women. His mom always said that his uncle had a way with women. The 24 hrs that precede their encounter is just a basic NY night with a lot of great dialogue and splendid interaction.

50. The Imposters (USA) Stanley Tucci (writer, actor)Oliver Platt.

I vaguely remember this movie, but I remember having a lot of fun while watching it.

51. Waking Life (USA) Richard Linklater (Writer Director) Very hard to digest cause of the intellectual dialogue.

Maybe it was because I was stoned, but I loved this film beyond words. Some segments were pretentious and boring but overall, original and great.


52. Reflecting Skin - Demented. Watch it because it is demented.

53. Dark Side of the Heart - wildly entertaining Argentinean film.

54. Man Facing Southeast - same director as above but is entertaining in a different, cool manner.

55. Romeo Is Bleeding - Gary Oldman rocks in this old style bad cop film.
This is a great movie. One I forgot to mention it because it escaped my memory. This is a love story gone fucked up. The first time Oldman's acting came to my attention. I think he did Leon (The professional) next. He is a great talent. However, as of late his movie roles have been big Hollywood productions and his acting is not as up to part as his earlier days.
56. Angel Heart - Crazy horror/suspense film

57. Barton Fink - Coen brothers secret film. Slow as hell but the last thirty minutes are burned in my mind to never forget how amazing it is.

58. Dead Man - Johnny Depp stars in this slow journey to somewhere.

59. Matador - Almodovar directs an insane movie but is incredibly sexual.

60. Tesis - Spainish film with two or three really well filmed scene that I want to rip off. so that makes me appreciate it.
61. Anh Hung Tran (Vietnam) - Cyclo (the best movie although his other two, Scent of the Green Papaya & Vertical Ray of the Sun are both good). That movie is so slow for the first thirty minutes I almost gave up but the final 40 minutes blew my mind.
62. Giuseppe Tornatore (Italy) - A Pure Formality (this man has made classics like Cinema Paradiso (great) , Star Maker (cute), Legend of 1900 (well acted) & Malena (fucking tight as hell) but A Pure Formality is mind-blowing amazing. Watch it.
63. Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy) - The Conformist (he only makes goodness, this guy like Last Tango in Paris (watch with a girl that wants insane shit done to her but is feeling a little shy), Besieged (the most beautiful, romantic film of all time. I said it. All time. Watch with a lady to have her jump on you at the end) and the new film The Dreamers which I heard was good) The Conformist is filmed by Vittorio Storaro which rocks.
64. Zhang Yimou (China) - Road Home (Red Sorghum, Ju Dou, Raise the Red Lantern (beautiful), Story of Qiu Ju, To Live (emotional tight), Shanghai Triad, Not One Less, Happy Times are all great films by this master, but the Road Home left me in tears which I consider to be difficult. I love it and it was well filmed.
65. Life of Veronica - (Kieslowski Director)

66. Three Colors - (France) There are 3 different films
a: Blue - Juliette Binochet
b: White - Julie Delpy
c: Red - Johnny Depp's Wife.

Blue: Blue revolves around a woman (Binoche) and how the tragedy of losing her husband and child changes her way of life. It's a very positive movie at the end. Though I would say some what women oriented type of movie. I'm pretty sure most women would actually like this movie. Now mind you, I'm not a female, but I enjoyed it. Binoche is so beautiful and gracious; I can watch her all day. Rob -
66 B. 3 Colors - White (Julie Delpy)

Well, as Lenny stated, this movie was not as strong as blue. Blue was a lot more emotional. I do not know if it was the script or the acting. The polish actor on this just was not a good actor. The main character goes through a lot of emotional strains. All caused by Delpy's character. At the end he gets payback for what she did to whom; however, he still loves her. Even if she called the police and left him with no money, he still loved her. Well, love is blindness. Overall, I thought it was ok. Rob

66 c. 3 Colors - Red (Irene Jacob)
This was by far my favorite out of the series. The funny thing is that I got all 3 films the way they were released by luck. I'm glad luck was on my side. This is by far the most entertaining of the 3. This student/model, is in a long distance relationship with a prick, she runs over a dog and finds his owner. The owner is an old judge who in a way tells her future out of his own misery. I'm not trying to give away from the movie so I can't say much. Watch them all in order and you'll find scenes that link all 3 movies. The order is Blue, White & Red. My favs are Red, Blue & white. Rob


67. The Dreamers (France) a Bertolucci film, Michael Pitt.

This movie was rather good. It explores various themes. In this movie the director pays tribute to previous movies from the 30's. It takes place in the 60's. An American is welcomed in to a bond of 2 identical twins. The thing about these twins (male/female) is that there are too close to each other. At times you wonder if incest has been performed. The movie cinematography wise is splendid. Beautiful shots and the script is entertaining. Eva Green is just amazingly beautiful. She has an amazing, perfect body. Overall, the ending was a let down. The movie was entertaining, and the soundtrack was just fucking amazing.

68. Girl With A Pearl Earring (USA) Skarlet Johannsen
This movie was good. Like the Station Agent, they were both very well scripted and the scenes were somewhat detailed. Tight script, but the ending was lose.
69. The station Agent (Usa)
This movie rocked until the ending. It gives no answers. The main actor in here, gives such a great performance. I think it should have been between him and Bill Murray for this past year's Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. I suggest everyone to go see this movie more than Girl. The actors are great in this movie. The thing that got to me is that in the ending we do not know the outcome of his romantic tribulations.


70. Gloomy Sunday (hungarian)

Saw perhaps one of the best movies. Gloomy Sunday.

The "suicide song, " "Gloomy Sunday" was written in 1933 by two Hungarians (Rezso Seress and Laszlo Javor). The song supposedly drew little attention until 1936, when it began to be connected with a rash of suicides in Hungary and was allegedly banned there. American musicians and singers soon jumped at the chance to record instrumental and translated versions of the "Hungarian suicide song, " and by the end of 1936 several recordings were available to American audiences. (The Billie Holiday version, recorded several years later, was probably the most popular English-language version of "Gloomy Sunday.")

The movie entails the real story of the composer, lover and her lover. It was a love triangle. It's an amazing story with an amazing ending. Sincerely, I was taken back. Too bad this movie was not nominated for anything. The main actress is just amazingly beautiful. I suggest everyone go see this film or rent it. It has subtitles. But it is so great you should see it.
The song is sang by various artists. The best interpretations are by Heather Nova and Billie Holiday.
Excellent Film.

71. The order (USA)

I thought I was going to be let down by this movie. I was wrong. This movie was quite entertaining. The funny thing is that the 2 main characters are comedy actors. The movie is quite entertaining and nicely told. It had one or 2 mins of extra stuff that shouldn't have been, but overall good.

72. Cha Cha Cha (Spain) Eduardo Noriega, Ana Alvarez.
This is a light heart romantic comedy. Ana's character is a talent agent who's inlove with her best friend's boyfriend. So she hires a model to seduce her bestfriend, so she can have her bestfriend's boyfriend. Quite histerical. YEt, sadly predictable. However, it's a nice romantic movie.

73. Beyond the Clouds (Fanny Ardant, Irene Jacob, Sophie Marceau, Peter Weller, Jean Reno, Marcello Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau)

"The settings of these stories range from Portofino to Paris, while the cast is even more cosmopolitan and outlandishly stellar:. The latter of actors, reportedly, did not meet Antonioni on the set, because her scenes were directed by Wim Wenders, who is responsible for all the framing episodes which draw the film together, Wenders' assistance being necessary because Antonioni himself has been incapacitated by a stroke for the last ten years. Given that he is now half-paralysed and unable to speak, the greatest miracle about Beyond the Clouds is that it was made at all."
I thought the film was entertaining though a bit loose on the script. I would recommend this film. Mind you, it's a Wenders' directed film. So it will be slow & biography like type of cinematography.

74. Zentropa/Europa (Danish) Eddie Constantive, Barbara Sukowa. Lars Von Trier (Director)

This art house suspense movie is pretty entertaining .I like the way it starts with someone trying to hypnotize you. It takes place in 1945 when the American's took over Germany. This American of German dissent goes over to help in the efforts to rebuild Germany. As soon as he steps in, people try to use his neutrality and his naive ness to their advantage. I would seriously recommend this movie. Mind you, not a lot of action. Half of it is in German, the other in English.

75. Le Divorce (France) Katie Hudson, Mathew Modine, Glen Close, Naomi Watts.

This movie is about divorce. LoL It was somewhat entertaining. Watt's character is getting divorced from her husband (who is an artist). The divorce is cause Watts' can't stay loyal to his pregnant wife (watts, who is milf). Meanwhile, Watts' husband is cheating on her with Modine's wife. Modine's character does not handle the infidelity with any grace. In fact, I think modine is a good actor, but just does not seem convincing in this role. The acting was too 1 dimensional. Hudson's character is that of the care taker of her sister. Though once in paris she gets involved with a relative of her brother in law (A politician who is suave & olderly handsome and married.) She ends up heartbroken. He's a politician, didn't see that coming. The movie overall is ok. If there's nothing better to watch, watch. It has a good cast, too bad the movie was trying to be filmed in an old fashion way with new modern characteristics. It's a chick flick. Something that will play in Oxygen & or Lifetime.

76. Boondock Saints (USA) Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus.

This movie was recommended by my younger brother and was I amazed. He looked through my 300+ films and said, "You don't have this one, check it out!" So I did. This was a great action movie. I thought it was going to be a lil film that had one good actor and an ok actor. Flanery and Reedus are Irish brothers that start killing the evil do-ers of NY, after they are provoked by the mafia. Dafoe is a crime's investigator sent from the FBI to solve a murder case. The fight scenes on this movie are amazing. The dialogue a bit hard to understand cause of the Irish accents. I would sincerely recommend this film to anyone.

77. Cinema Paradiso (Italy)

This movie was amazing. I cried at certain points, I laughed, I cherished every moment like the last cookie in the cookie jar. This movie is about the life of a fatherless kid, who finds a father figure in the town's cinema operator. We see how this common man guides this kid through adulthood. Even encouraging him to become a successful man, without even once, asking anything in return. We also see how in this town he learned everything for the first time; sadness, happiness, friendship and overall; lost love. I would definitely recommend this movie in a heartbeat.

78. Los Amantes Del Circulo Polar (Spain) Julio Medem (Director)

This movie was amazing. I first saw a Medem movie called Lucia y El Sexo (Sex and Lucia) and it blew me away. So I decided to check out his catalog. This movie is just such a romantic/tragic masterpiece I would recommend to the world. His movies jump from character to character often showing the same situation twice, but through the eyes of different characters. I like this type of style. The movie is heartfelt and a masterpiece.


79. Funny Games (German)
A family is held hostage. They go through a whole mental torture...Great movie!

80. Thesis aka Tesis (Spain) directed by: Alejandro Amenebar He also made Open Your Eyes.
It is about a college student who wants to base her thesis on violence in society. She herself then gets caught up in a fatal twist. Good psychological thriller. The cast is excellent

81. Santa Sangre (Mexican) directed by: Alejandro Jodorowsky whom includes his brothers in the movie
There is a creepy circus which involves an armless women.

82. Ichi the Killer (Japanese)
Action packed gang fights. If you get faint at the sight of blood avoid this movie. Also a little bit of sexually disturbed scenes.

83. Intacto (Spain)
Is there such thing as luck???

84. Irreversible (French)
The longest rape scene ever...

85. Man Bites Dog (French)
A group of people follow a disturbed man as they try to film a documentary. Dark humor.

86. Meet the Feebles (New Zealand) directed by Peter Jackson The muppets gone terribly wrong!!

87. The Devil's Backbone aka El Espinazo del Diablo (Mexican) directed by Guillermo del Toro
This has a mixture of history, paranormal, and a very sexy but wicked Eduardo Noriega.


88. Tierra - (Spain) Carmelo Gomez, Silke, Julio Medem (Director) (Drama)

This movie was quite interesting. First thing, the location was amazingly beautiful. The colors used on the film were great. I had seen Carmelo in a movie he did while I was in spain called, La Vida Loca with Salma Hiyak. Thought his acting sucked. However, in this type of movie he does a convincing job. Well he goes into a farm field to eradicate these little bugs that cause the wine to taste like earth. There he encounters 2 women he wants. However, one of them is married to this guy who is also sleeping with the other girl he wants. Silke is the young lustful woman. (She's amazing to look at) However, he suffers from a big imagination. Causing him at times to create a character based on his imagination. He himself wants Silke, but his imagination wants the married wife. It's an interesting plot. And like the Medem movies I've seen, death leads to love. He has that as a little pattern. Tragedies make the characters closer. Def. Recommend.

89. Belle Epoque/ Bella Epoqua - (Spain) Penelope Cruz, Jorge Sanz, Ariadna Gil. (Drama/Comedy)

A soldier has left his command and is trying to go back home. A long the way he lands in a small town close to Sevilla, Spain. Here he encounters an older gentleman who lets him stay at his home. However, the same day he leaves to Madrid, the man's daughters come into town. All 4 of them fine as can be. However, all his daughters are very sexual and he ends up falling for all of them. However, at the end has to settle for one. It's a light hearted comedy and entertaining. Would Recommend.

90. Carmen - (Spain) Paz Vega (Drama)

When I first saw this movie the first thing that came to mind was, "A man will beg, A man will crawl, for the sheer face of love, like a fly on a wall, it's no secret at all." (U2) This is the story of what a woman can do to a man if he is blinded by her beauty. It takes place in Sevilla around 1854. It's the story of a soldier who gave up everything for a gypsy who betrayed him and cheated on his. Compelling story. Cinematography was tight. The acting was good. Paz Vega's breasts seem to defy time. She's amazing to watch in every possible way. LoL
Would recommend as an epic type of movie.

91. Soldado De Salamina - (Spain) Ariadna Gil (Drama)

I really, really enjoyed this dramatic/biography movie. This movie is about a write who wrote a masterpiece in her first attempt. However, she can't seem to match her own expectations with anything she has written as of late. So she writes in a local newspaper and teaches at the local uni. Then a fan sends her a note with an interesting story about a soldier in the 1920's. She takes it lightly at first, but then seems to be determined to search the truth of the story. I like the fact that this movie used reality and a bit of fiction in the script. Making the people she interviews recount real life war stories. Either way, the main character has a dry sensual appeal you will notice. The movie also has various cameos with one of the guys from Y Tu Mama Tambien. Overall, I would highly recommend.

92. Water Drops On Burning Rocks (Drama) - Bernard Giraudeau, Malik Zidi Francois Ozon (Director)

This movie was a bit weird. The whole movie takes place in one place; the apartment of an elder man, Leopold (Giraudeau). In his 50's he is a suave and charming man who seduces an 18 year old guy; Franz (Zidi). In one night we see how though a bit friendly Leopold's character seduces the sexually confused Franz. Months later they hit a rough patch. Leopold gets annoyed by everything the young character does and through this incident they decide to break things off. However, the Franz decides to stay until he finds a place. At the same time, Leopold is going on a business trip. So Franz's ex girlfriend (Anna)comes to the apartment to convince Franz to go with her. Right when they are about to leave, Leopold comes home from his business trip a day early. While Franz fixes them drinks, Leopold seduces Anna. Just when you thought ok, that's a bit weird, Leopold's ex boyfriend, who is now a transgender shows up. Then it all goes downhill. The screenplay was interesting, the acting was good and the direct was ok. Overall, it's an interesting film to watch in concept, but cinematography lacks.

93. Criminal Lovers / Les Amants Criminels (Drama) - Natacha R�gnier, J�r�mie R�nier, Miki Manojlovic, Francois Ozon (Director)

This movie deals with a Luc (Renier) & Alice (Regnier)'s murder of a fellow student; Karim. Alice convinces her boyfriend, Luc, to kill a Karim, who she has a crush on. The sad thing is that she tells Luc that Karim's friends gang rapped her and he watched and took pictures which is all a lie. After Luc kills Karim she confesses. But he is so in love with her, she forgets her lies right after. Alice is verbally abusive, many times calling into question the fact that Luc can't seem to have sex with her. Well, they go to burry the body, but someone's watching without them knowing. When they head back to Luc's father's car, they get lost and find a cabin. After that, it is all chaos. The only thing that bothered me was the homo-erotic sequence. It was really not necessary. Over all an interesting movie that lasted 25 minutes too long. The plot is interesting, cinematography ok.

94. Vacas (Drama) - Carmelo Gomez, Emma Suarez, Julio Medem (Director)

This is the 6th movie Medem did and it's amazing. The movie takes place in the Basque country side and it is amazingly beautiful. The story is about 2 families that are at war with each other. They go through two civil war and at the end they dissolve and move on throughout generations. There's really a lot to describe and I'm not going to do that. Just take my word for it. It's beautifully shot, the script is tight, and the acting is good.

95. Underground (Yugoslavia) Emir Kusturica film.

This movie is a bit funny. It's revolves around the German's attacking Yugoslavia. The 2 (Marko & Petar) great rebels go and fight against the German's but Petar gets caught and tortured. Then he saved by his friend Marko. They decide to get the rebels and take them underground. From there on the movie turn a bit sad and histerical. Overall, I thought the movie could have done without 30 mins of it's sometimes doll storytelling. However, I found it very funny and entertaining. I also found it sad towards the end cause of what happened to the rebels.

96. La Aldilla Roja / Red Squirrel (Spain) Emma Suarez, Julio Medem Film. Drama

This movie had an interesting plot. A guy who's about to commit suicide sees someone fall of a bike and land 2 stories down. When he goes to see who it is, it's a woman. The woman gets amnesia and he tells her she's his girlfriend. However, her husband goes on a rampage looking for her. The plot is a bit twisted and the script is interesting enough to get your attention and hold it. Once again, his locations are amazing. A lot of his movies are shot in the Basque Country side.

97. La Pelota Vasca - (Spain) Julio Medem. Documentary

Medem is from the Basque country. A lot of people do not even know what Basque's are. Well they are a community of people who live in the frontier of Spain and France. They have their own culture and their own language. This documentary states their history and what they are about. It also goes over the guerilla group ETA. Which is a terrorist group made to make the Basque community independent from Spain.

98. Le Boulet - (France & Africa) Gerard Lanvin, Benoit Poelvoorde, Jose Garcia, Djimon Hounsou (Comedy-Action)

Moltes (Lanvin) is a serial killer who is incarcerated for his crimes. However, is only kills ruthless people. In jail he befriends a guard called Reggio (Polvoorde). Throughout the years the insecure guard looks up to Moltes, even playing his lotto numbers for him weekly. However, the day when Reggio's wife leaves him, Moltes wins the lotto and Reggio thinks his wife still has the ticket. She's in Africa as a nurse, so Moltes & Reggio go there. The only problem is that they are being follow by the Turk (Garcia). Moltes killed the Turks brother in a deal gone bad. The movie overall is very entertaining and funny. It's one of those buddy movies.
I would recommend it, but only to a certain type of people.

99. La Vie revee des anges/ The dreamlife of Angels (France) Elodie Bouchez, Natacha Regnier. (Drama)

Isa (Bouchez) is a drifter. She travels around with no money just getting by on simple jobs. In a sweat shop Isa meets Marie. Marie is always to herself and does not talk much. Since Isa has nowhere to stay, she asks Marie if she could stay with her for the night. Marie currently resides in an apartment she is taking care off. The owners of the apartment were in a car crash and are currently in a comma. The two girls get to know each other and become inseparable. However, when Marie meets Chris (a young bar/club owner) their friendship becomes more strenuous. Marie is seduced by Chris' sauve-I'm-too-cool mannerisms. Sadly enough this creates such a strain on the friendship that both become strangers in their own world. This was a good drama. For the most part entertaining. I would recommend it to people. It's especially guided for women.

100. Tuno Negro - (Spain) Silke, Jorge Sanz, Fele Martinez (Suspense)

I actually liked this Teenaged/ 20's suspenseful thriller. This movie revolves around a killer who's victims for the most part are college students. This killer goes around Spaniard Universities at random. The setting of the movie is great. A university in Salamanca gives the movie its dark gothic setting. The movie revolves around a religious myth. Very entertaining with a great twist at the end.

101. Km. 0/Kilometer Zero - (Spain) Silke, Tristan Ulloa, Concha Velasco.

This movie is a lot like Love Actually. The sad thing is that it's half the script Love Actually is. The stories are actually a bit more realistic and satirical. In one story we see an older woman who looks for a gigolo to fulfill her sexy appetite; however, when she's in his room she finds a wallet with the picture of a son she gave to her parents to raise. She is lead to belief she has slept with him. In another occasion, a film student agrees to move in with his sister's friend; however, he thinks a hooker is his new roommate. Then a guy who is about to get married with is wife, is having a nervous breakdown and wants to sleep with a prostitute. A couple about to get married is content, but not really happy. Silke and Ulloa's characters are drawn together by comfort. They are both together, but not in love. The sad thing is that in the day she has to try on her dress, they end up stealing her wallet, and then at the dress tailoring they steal her cash. Talk about a bad day. The funny thing is that there's a place in Madrid known as KM. 0. This is where they measure the city from. It's also the meeting place for the characters and the confusion of personalities.

102. La Obra Nuestra (Spain) Ariadna Gil, Santiago Segura, Pablo Carbonell (Satire, Drama)

This movie revolves around two friends (Segura & Carbonell) who want to make a movie with a Spaniard Film star (Gil). When they first meet her in her dressing room, she is all coked out and passes out. When she wakes up they try to tell her about their script. The script is homage to 50's musical written for her. However, she's about stressed about their approach to talk to her. They end up kidnapping her and making the movie while she's handcuffed. Both male characters think of her as this marvelous person who has it together, but it is quite contraire. However, they are so blinded by her star power that they ignore all of her flaws. It's a bit like Cecil B. Demente; however, without the 2 male characters being too crazy. I would recommend if you liked Cecil B. Demente

103. Hamam / Steam (Turkey/Italy)
Very interesting movie with a gay underline. Overall good movie, bad acting by the main character. Obviously chosen for his good looks.

104. 8 Femme (France) Danielle Darrieux, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert (Musical, Murder Mystery) Francois Ozon Movie
Movie was recommended. I thought it was ok. Nothing out of this world. I'm not much into musicals.

105. Intacto (Spain)
A bit of a supernatural movie. The movie itself was interesting. The same actor as in Carmen and Utopia. It's about people who steal good luck from others and have competitions to become the next messiah. It's a bit slow and most of the film is dialogue, maybe a bit too much and not enough action. Overall, I would recommend if you have nothing better to do.

106. La Dolce Vita (Italy)
This is a great Italian film. About a journalist who really acts like a PR agent to stars when they come to Italy. He has an infatuation with sleeping with powerful women, but deep inside he's empty. This movie was done in the 50's and it's a great script. The thing about it, is that it lasts about 2-3hrs. Overall I great movie for film buffs like me.

107. Sitcom (France) Francois Ozon Movie
Pretty interesting with a social commentary underline. Worth watching. It' s about an upper class family and how they are splitting apart due to foreign people/animal coming in to their lives.

108. Advertising Rules (Germany) Alexander Scheer ... Viktor Vogel
G�tz George Eddie Kaminsky (Comedy)
Viktor's lucky day is when he mistakenly sits in an advertising meeting and decides to jeopardize it. This leads to his big break. However, he stills the idea from his new friend who is an artist. What happens afterwards is a very true phase. A poor kid who doesn't have a father figure looks up to Kaminsky. So he sells his friends' idea to sit well with the others. Though he battles with the issue, money overtakes his rational. It's an ok movie with some funny moments. I wouldn't buy the dvd, but I'd rent it for a light laugh.

109. Natural City (Korea) Yu Ji-Tae, Jeong Du-Hong , Seo Rin(a)
This movie is Blade Runner two decades and a half later. It has a weak script with good fighting sequences. The main character is a bit of a prick and relating to him is really difficult. He's struggle is finalizing a robot he fell in love with. The thing about her is that she keeps on expiring (death for a robot). R gets the memory cards from the robots he kills and sells them because they can be reprogrammed. It's an interesting film; however, it was poorly written.

110. Saved! (2004 USA) Jena Malone .... Mary/Mandy Moore .... Hilary Faye/Macaulay Culkin .... Roland
This movie was just great. Superb! LoL It's about a christian group of girls and how their lives is guided by "jesus" They blame all of their mistakes at the end to jesus and it becomes a laugh riot. It obviously caters to the extremedies religious group can adapt. It's still in the movie theaters. GO SEE IT

111. Maelstrom (France) - Marie-Jos�e Croze.... Bibiane Champagne. Drama
Bibiane is the daughter of a successful family. Her life is in a mess and she just had an abortion. Her friend decides to take her out to drink and on her way home she runs over a man. What happens next is paranoia and her mind playing imagination until she meets the man of her dreams, but through an awkward situation. The movie overall is ok. The cinematography is good. The script is weak and the characters are too one dimensional. Overall, OK.

112. The Closet/ Le Placard (2001, France, Comedy) Daniel Auteuil, G�rard Depardieu, Thierry Lhermitte

Pretty funny movie. I first started to see it on IFC, but I couldn't finish it. So I finally ran across it and decided to rent it. This movie is pretty funny. I'm glad found it again. A man pretends to be gay so he doesn't lose his job. Asides from that, his life is in a rot. His wife left him not too long ago. His son doesn't want anything to do with him, and his co-workers laugh at him. However, at the end he gets everything he ever dreamed off.

113. French Twist (France, Comedy)

114. Napoleon Dynamite (USA, Comedy)

115. Beautiful Girls (USA, Drama) Matt Dillon, Timothy Hutton, Natalie Portman, Michael Rapaport, Mira Sorvino, Rosie O'Donell.

116. La Hija Del Canibal/Lucia Lucia (Mexico, Dramedy)

117. Before Sunset - (Paris, Romantic Drama) Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Richard Linklater (Director)

This is the continuation to .. 31. Before Sunrise. May I say that usually sequels do not hold as much originality as the first installment; however, this movie goes beyond that. It first answers many of the questions the viewers had about the first movie. Did Jesse and Celine sleep together? Did either one of them try to make it 6 months afterwards? Would they be fat and bald? Would they still act as if it was only yesterday when they met? Finally, do they still love each other? All of these questions are answered in a poetic and effortless attempt to portray the distance and time between the 2 characters. I would highly recommend this movie. I waited 10 years for it to come out and I wasn't disappointed with the script. In a way now that Ethan is single and so is Delpy, I would wish for them to hook up in real life. I think they are a lot like their characters. In away they compliment each other better than most couples do. They are a natural couple on screen. Ethan looks older and a bit wrinkled, but Julie looks amazing. She looks even skinnier, which they make a reference too in the movie. Overall, if you want to see a true romantic tail and a movie that is just carried by great acting and dialogue, see this movie.

118. Europa Europa (War/Biography. German) Marco Hofschneider .... Salomon 'Solly' 'Salek' Perel)/Josef 'Jupp' Peters Julie Delpy .... Leni Ren� Hofschneider .... Isaak

This movie was recommended by Tim and it was great. I have an addiction for German Nazi history. No I don't think what they did was right. Just like to learn about it. Well this movie entails the life of a 14 yr Jewish kid who hides his identity so he can survive throughout the Nazi invasion. You also get to see what he goes through and the extremes. Amazing movie.

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