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Sex Study finds TV is to blame for teenage pregnancy.

Wow! I've had the weekend of my life and my body is resilient towards any physical activity. Hopefully, my brain is able to compose coherent and informative sentences.

According to a study (click on link to read study) conducted by unbiased Rand Institute, teenagers who watch television are more likely to experiment with sex and get pregnant. The study shows television has a lot of sexual subject matter and hidden connotation, and kids are more likely to explore these acts.

I wonder if they'll make a correlation between these students and their education. I can see how hearing about sex and everyone in tv land talking about hooking up and getting laid can get you motivated to try something that everyone wants to do, but why not correlated it to a person's education.

The economy and how it sucks!

This is an appealing story about Bruce Richall, an IT Consultant, who lost his job due to the present economy turmoil.

"Unlike the Europeans, we in the US don't have much of a social safety net.
My meager unemployment income is too hig
h to let me qualify for Social Services, yet far too inadequate to pay for my home, food, car, utilities and health insurance."

Richall now lives in his Honda Civic, no longer does he have the nice IT job, steady income and a place to call his own.


As of late I've been listening to Q-Tip's new album, The Renaissance, and I must state it's really enjoyable.

Q-Tip is a member of A Tribe Called Quest. He's done appearances on Beastie Boy & Dee-Lite tracks and this is his first album in about a decade. With 2 previous attempts being shelved by record company, Q-Tip decided to produce this album.
The stand out tracks for me are:

3. Gettin' Up
5. You
8. Move
9. Dance on Glass

Another band I've been listening too is Moi Caprise. They are from Denmark and have a great song called The Art of Kissing Properly.
I will write a more detailed review about them later.


Quantum Solace leaves James Bond right where he left off last time; trying to catch the accomplice of his lover's death. The movie's action sequences are great. However, those are very few. Actually, the opening scene is truly brilliant and I wish it would have set the mood for the rest of the film. However, the movie would have worked better if shot completely backwards (end to beginning). Overall, if you are a Bond fan you will like it. There are no gadgets on this one that stand out. The car(s) they used are really not remarkable or original. Daniel Craig did an excellent job as Bond.

Overall the movie gets 2.5 stars out of 5.

Religulous got 4 out of 5

W. got 3 out of 5 – This movie was too long and they could have made it tighter. The movie doesn't blame Bush nor does it illustrate how unintelligent he is, instead, it focuses on why he did things.

How to Lose and Alienate People – 2 out of 5. I was expecting a bit more out of this movie. It's more of a dramedy. I was hoping Simon Pegg would have
funnier, but he was subtle. I liked the movie, but don't expect to die of laughter or remember a memorable scene because there are none.

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