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The US seems to be asking anyone who can help with the Middle East conflict. As the US has taken a bigger PR hit than Britney and Lindsey's love life. The thing is that the US has done one thing it shouldn't have done. It has focused its efforts and business prospects too hard in Europe. With the invasion of Iraq the US has alienated a lot of people. In the conflict with Georgia we have already angered Russia. We also do minor dealings with ex-soviet union countries to keep Russia in check.

Consequently, the Euro is stronger and Russia still has the main oil and natural gas supplies in the whole eastern hemisphere. Income will come in no matter what. What helps their economy is the fact that most companies are partially owned or have financial ties to the government. Though a bit of a "democrazy" is it still pretty much a communist regime behind closed doors.

Ultimately, the US will make a bad move and little by little the world is going to turn…that will not be a good day.

As far as a solution to the Middle East conflict(s)… There is not solution. Well you have 2 options; Eradicate the area (Genocide) or just leave the area alone and let them solve the issue. We had a treaty many years ago, that we would not get involved in Eastern problems, but ever since WW2 we really have not gone and followed the Monroe doctrine.

We have invaded Iraq and it will take some time to get that mess fixed, but the US should be more focused on getting out properly rather than just keeping a political promise.

Sadly, we can spend billions and go into deficit trying to fix other countries, but we cannot manage to set a nationalized health care system, nor can we afford to give education more money so we can become the true intellectual powerhouse we should be. Why is that?

Why can we give money to others, but when congress sees money to help the country they veto it? Is it corporate America and capitalism holding America back to make a buck?

This leads to the next item. Did you know that in Dubai majority of the Kings and Prince's are actually investing in green energy? Not only to they sell their petrol at 45 cents a gallon locally (so it's not a burden on anyone economically), but they are giving large donations and creating scientific foundations to create the technology makes the world a better place. Though I'm sure they are doing this to get the technology and make a buck.

However, they all know that sometime in the future oil will deplete and that alternative fuel sources are going to be explored. It's a significant move now with the war in Iraq (they got their money from exporting petrol) and the millions we give Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who turns around and uses some of that oil money (billions) to undermine the US and its policies.

Now, I do agree that US policies are a bit demanding and some of them are or should be unlawful, but the way he has gone on about it will only advance the green prosperity in the US.

Very few countries can process Venezuela's oil since it's full of impurities. Once the US stops buying the petrol from Venezuela their government is going to be in trouble. They will have no choice but to process their own fuel and try to compete with the Middle East, which will cut drastically into their profits and production.

In the next 3 yrs we are going to see more cars being hybrids and exploring electricity to power them. The main issue right now is that the process of making the batteries is a lot more hazardous than using gasoline to power the vehicles. When will that change? We want to become greener and loose our dependency on oil.

I feel as if we are trying to do too many things at once. We are trying to help the world, end hunger, help our own, help education, patrol the world, secure our own interests yet we have done a poor job at most of these because they do not produce $$. Well, except for securing our own interests.


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