A Month Has Past

It has been and a month and a week since my last post.
I've been closely monitoring the Russian and Eastern European politics. Russia, which has been in trouble for cutting gas supplies through Kiev, due to lack of payment is now trying to join China in making a globalized monetary bill.
Nowadays banks have their reserve in USD (United States Dollar), but due to recent economic downturns the USD has stumbled.
This issue will also distract from the focus of all the Russian problems.
There was a recent report in Frontline about how the Russian government has youth camps and rallies. In these camps they ferment hatred for people who oppose the Kremlin party. Very much in a Nazi youth matter.
Russia in the recent decade has seen a rise in the Neo Nazi sentiment. With jobs being cut and the economy dwindling many blame foreigners for taking away jobs.
However, the Kremlin has done very little to stop this, even having Neo Nazi sympathizers in their upper government ranks.
The Neo Nazi movement has (est.) 70,000 members and it is growing. It is a problem that should be talked about in the a summit meeting.
Creating hatred for other political groups is a lead way into this type of thinking. "What's best for mother Russia is for the Kremlin to be on top. What's best of mother Russia is to have its own in jobs. What's best for mother Russia is to kick out the foreigner. What is best for mother Russia..."
It's a sad thing that discrimination and racism is not abolished and it is still tolerated. Sadly enough, I have always wanted to visit Russia; Moscow, The Red Square, southern cities, Lenin's tomb.

China's consumption of the US economic problems could give it an upper hand into softer human rights regulations and more. Right now they have consumed enough of our economy that they are trying to super seed the presence of the USD on the global market.
This would come as a big blow to the US if it happens. It would as make our presence as the main super power questionable.
The way things are going China will surpass the US in the next half century unless we become more proactive in investing in the infrastructure of American education and work force.
What has helped China is all the money corp. America has thrown at them to export and create facilities there. Since labor is cheap and working conditions are not regulated they are able to cut corners in every possible way.
Consequently, this gives companies a larger profit margin and the Chinese government more cut backs.
I think Obama is right in taking away government assistance from companies that export their businesses outside the US and then come here and try to sell us their products. Why are we helping them when they are obviously helping other countries and their work force?

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