Life of an Intern #1

The life of an intern.

The last four weeks I have been working for a newspaper outside of my hometown. This is a place where churches look like compounds and everyone is not home on Sundays because they are at church.
The newspaper is the town’s voice and it really tries to remain local. Every news that is outside the local realm is considered fallible. Yet, they still corner the market. They have managed to sustain a large readership and presence in the news community by edging out the local TV news stations. (Something that is quite unrealistic where I live.)
As I write this I realize this can be the place for people who like small town, a place you come at the twilight of your career or if you want to cover crime this place is an excellent source.
However, for those who like to write about “outside the 5 mile comfort zone” this place is death. Right now I sit on my desk wasting time. Not that I can complain… I’m still getting paid for surfing the internet and gaining weight. What bothers me the most is that the newspaper has become a victim of its own name.
They cater to a certain market and avoid going outside the lines.
What do people think about what’s going on in Iran? Why don’t we ask the locals?
Sadly, I know the answer. They’ll just run a Washington wire service story. Now mind you, I’m also limited in my “locals” knowledge.
I rant because the whole point of me joining the journalism world was to try to educate people about the world and how things that happen in Japan can affect us in little town America. However, no one really cares until it does affect us.
So throw precaution out the window. Only state the problem when people are knee deep in the shit.

4 weeks only 5 stories. I wonder what’s next.

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