The Generationals Con Law Review

Being a music elitist is a lot of work. Not only does one have to be on top of what's new, but one also needs to know tracks on b-sides and have an encyclopedia-like-knowledge of all genres of music for the last 50 years.

Well now in spirit of that elitism I present to you the Generationals. This New Orleans band's album, Con Law, is one of the few albums one can truly enjoy from top to bottom.
The band is composed of Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner. They used to be in The Eames Era, but formed Generationals in 2008.


Their sound is eclectic really. There's a hint of 60's dance rock with horns and sequences. A perfect example of this is the 60's Motown-esque "When They Fight, They Fight." The song is dance oriented and catchy.
"These Habits" ' intro reminds me for the band Ivy with the horn intros. The track is poppish and upbeat.

2 Cents:
Well this whole review is a 2 cents. This band is pretty good and knows how to mix indie rock with a 50's & 60's feel, but still sound relevant.
4 out of 5
Top tracks:

1. When They Fight, They Fight (different than the album)

2. Angry Charlie

3. Nobody Could Change Your Mind

4. These Habits

5. Out Time 2 Shine (Video)
6. It Keeps You Up

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