Google oh! Google...You have made me sad.


The above is a humorous video based on the reaction to the Cease and Desist letter Google has sent to programmer Cyanogen. Cyanogen, who out of his free time has made Android, Google’s phone system better, is being bullied by Google because they feel they might lose money.
Google’s Letter (READ HERE)
Google’s Response to the public backlash (Here)
Cyanogen has reprogrammed android (A free, open sourced Operating system) to run on less resources and operate a lot quicker than the original android.
Cyanogen’s website is full of fans who have purchased android based phones yet wished for certain fixes to create a better android experience.
For example, he has managed to get programs to store on the phone’s memory card not the internal memory. Something that MicroSoft’s mobile media has been doing for years. By doing this it frees up space for the phone to run more efficient and snappier.
The Issue:
The issue is that the hardware Android phones use is really…well…crap. The processor is 2 years old and runs at 527mhz. Sadly, its competition, the iPhone and Palm Pre, run at 1ghz, which is twice the speed. The other issue is the 188mb ram (after ROM) limited to store programs. This really limits the user on the apps he or she can use.
The more programs the slower the phone. This is something Cyanogen was able to somewhat beat by freeing up space from the ram/memory and not bottlenecking the 527mhz processor.
Now mind you, I’m sure 98% of the people who have bought a G1 or a myTouch android phone bought it for the fact that the phone would be personalized to their liking. In other words, I bought the phone and the software is free for me to do what I want.
Google has marketed the software in such a way that it gives the idea that anyone can come in and rewrite. their code.
However, according to Google, the fact that in his reprogramming and rewriting of the operating system, cyanogen has included Google owned apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and a couple more is a violation of their patent.
Based on the readings Google thinks that this type of ROM will take money away from them. Never mind that android is still using the very slow Chrome browser to surf the web and also has control over the android market.
By everyone using the Chrome browser Google gets a kick back from clicks.
It also gets money from the apps that are placed in the market.
So why release a statement saying just that they are affected by Cyanogen?
Cyanogens never took out those apps nor did he rewrite them so he could get a cutback.
If Google decides to pursue this issue I will be forced, like many android users, to evaluate my interaction and use of Google programs (voice, gmail, Google Maps and many more).
I have a G1 and the main reason I got the phone was due to fact anyone could reprogram it to suit them and their needs.
It’s also another reason why I’m getting the sleeker Sprint Hero powered by Android instead of an iPhone or Palm Pre.

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