My proper reply to the Android and Cyanogen issue.

I see the money aspect of it as you (Google) need to cover costs, but when the
ROM does not deter $ from Google or generate $ for the person making
it then I see no right to fight this.
Google will still make its money on browsing clicks.
The Gmail app is just a widget like interface in a way. I get no adds
through it.
It seems like a dumb move to tell the whole world, "Hey we made this
completely open source software," then turn around threaten someone
who has made your "open source" a bit more efficient.
Lets be honest.
The hardware SUCKS on these phone. They are running on limited RAM and
2 yr old cpus.
Their design....well the Cliq n Hero seem to be best, but myTouch and
G1 are not pretty.
And up to now, most if not all lag.
The only reason people have and will shell out $200+ for these phones
is on the promise that it is open sourced.
The promise that you as the buyer of hardware and software could do
what you will and make the phone operate the way you want.
Is Cyanogen's ROM cutting into your profits?
If it is...please state how. (Facts and figures) Since it seems the
money will be made in the clicks and market.
Secondly, not every phone can use Android. Since the drivers are
limited, and that's where you guys come in.
People shell out $200+ to buy your software, "with Google."
Manufacturers and Providers have seen the impact of your software and
will pay manufacturers to implement your software on phones and your
The thing is, if Cyanogen can produce a better ROM than you guys why
not offer him a job?
His ROM allows you to do two things you guys can't seem to make
1. Make the system more responsive and lag free.
2. One is able to store programs in an SD card and not be limited BY
THE 1980's 188mb (after ROM) drive space.
Which by the way, MS Mobile 6.0 can let the user do.

I'm a Google fan and have written articles giving props to Docs and
Google Voice, but this cease notice is really dumb and in a way going
against the rebel reputation Google has carved for itself.

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