Student tips for saving money. Part 1

Another week in the life of a college student and many of us deliberate on what to become next. Whether it is the next Einstein or the next Bernie Madoff we all hope to come out with some idea on what we are to become.
Well in a non-related section here are some cost cutting items you might want to get or need.
Free Stuff:

Every time you buy a laptop there is a free 90-day Norton or McAfee Antivirus. However, once the 90 days pass you are open to viruses and Trojans.
Well here are some free antivirus programs that could help out dramatically.

1. C.I.S Antivirus
Comodo is known among IT and computer people as one of the best firewalls out there. This version of the software also includes antivirus and firewall.

2. AVG Free Edition
AVG is the most downloaded antivirus out there. It is simple and does the simple things. However, it stops there. It is the best antivirus for those who just check their email and use Microsoft Office.

Most people are used to Microsoft Office. However, there is a free alternative out there for those who want to save $200 to $700.
OpenOffice is a free production suite that includes everything Office does and then some.

The production suite includes:
Text Document is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word.
Spreadsheet is the same thing as Microsoft Excel. The icons and formula placement is almost identical.
Presentation is a cosmetically altered version of PowerPoint.
Database is pretty self explanatory. It allows OpenOffice files to be shared through a network. It is also similar to Microsoft Access.
Drawing is a graphic editor. This application is similar to MS Publisher and Microsoft Visio.
Formula is the one software not comparable on Microsoft Office. Formula allows users to create mathematical equations and type them effortlessly without having to look for special math symbols.

The one obvious negative about OpenOffice is Microsoft Office's inability to open OpenOffice's native .odf format.
However, there is a permanent remedy.
Open one of the programs above.
Go to Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> General.
Look for Always save as, select Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP, then OK.
The only item that is lacks is an email program.

Another alternative is Google Documents (Google Docs), which operates only using the browser.
To access this feature a Google account is needed. Go to to access the web page.
The main feature that separates Google Docs from Openoffice and Microsoft Office is the ability to archive and access user files anywhere in the world.
Though an Internet connection is needed there is no way to misplace a file.
To get started click on New on the left hand side of the screen and four options will appear: Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet and
Forms, which translates to Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access.
All of the files created by Google Docs can be downloaded and opened by Microsoft Office.
Just check the box next to the file name and go to -> More Actions and select the adequate format.
A window will pop up asking the user where the file will be saved. Choose a location and click on Save.

Schools and students are lucky to get a massive discount from Adobe for Photoshop $700. However, no all of us have the “mula” to pony up that type of cash. That’s enough for a ticket back home, a brand new laptop or in some places an Oldsmobile.
GIMP is here to save the day. The free editing software is similar to an older version of Photoshop; however, capable of the same stuff CS4 is able to do. It is pretty light on resources and pretty good at rendering images.

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