Top 10 Reason You might Live in Miami

Top 10 Reason why Miami is "Unique."
10. You can wear sandals to a club.
9. There's a 70 year-old woman driving a Porsche in the ultra fast lane going the speed limit.
8. Everyone is a person short of knowing someone who lives in NY.
7. Unless you attended FSU or UF, everyone in Miami is a UM fan. (Even those who never went to college.)
6. Unlike other US cities the main language in Miami is Spanglish. ex "Oye hermano, put down my window because esta asiendo much cold."
5. Though the population is still 60+ percent Cubans or of Cuban decent, they still go to Cuban restaurants weekly.
4. At every party you attend there's one person who asks for a Willie Chirino song.
3. At the end of the night when you walk out of a club there's usually a girl crying or a testosterone fight that was just broken up.
2. Most people went to school for a certain profession, but ended up doing something else.
1. A yellow light is only a suggestion. It usually suggests speed up before the light turns red.

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