Whitest Boy Alive Rules Review


The Berlin band is back again with their follow up to 2006's indie hit Dreams. The sophomore album Rules does a good job at continuing from where Dreams left off.

The band, composed of Erlend Øye, bassist Marcin Öz, drummer Sebastian Maschat, and Daniel Nentwig on Rhodes piano and Crumar, recorded Rules in 2007 in Nayarit, Mexico.

According to whitestboyalive.com the 11 track album took 2 months to arrange and 3 weeks to record.

The band's unique yet simplistic dance sounds depend on its basslines and Øye voice. Its jazzie-disco- lo-fi sound is evident throughout songs like "Keep A Secret" and "High on The Heels."

However, a song like "1517" has more of a disco influence and it is a song that could be a silent hit depending on the crowd and their alcohol consumption.

2 Cents:

The album is a direct continuation of Dreams. So if you liked their debut effort you will definitely enjoy this album. However, do not expect any growth in their sound. It's a good album to listen to while hanging out with friends.

Øye is also a part of Kings of Convenience.

3.5 out 5

Tracks to listen to:

1. Keep A Secret(above video)
2. High on The Heels
3. 1517
4. Dead End
5. Island

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