T-Mobiles New Pricing Plan.


According to T-Mo news this will be the new pricing for T-mo in the fall.


What do you guys think?
I was hoping to get a bit more of a discount. Especially since i was shooting for a $60 all you can eat value.
I wonder how much it would be for each additional line on a family plan.
This will benefit a lot of people; however, based on some of the reactions it seems as a 50-50 split. This program will definitely benefit those people who use a lot of minutes. However, it seems a bit disconcerting for those who only call a few people who have Fav5. Since some of them are paying less than what it states above.
For those who think you can get internet for $10. It's only for dumbphones AKA Limited access. Example is AIM, or T-zones.
Majority of the people who have a smartphone will have to pay for the $25-$30 Internet access.

BTW I edited the pic on the bottom so Individual and Family plans would be in the same column.

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