Why do people view Hospitals and PC Repair Shops the same way?

With the economic downturn and health care reform being reformed every day to keep our capitalist medical service at 17.9% GPO people are starting to think all viruses and infections are the same.

In a recent poll, conducted by the same people who think national health care is a Nazi-socialist reform, people view PC repair shops the same way they view hospitals: The last place they’d go to even after self medicating has failed.

In a conference call with a certified Microsoft technician and a local Miami doctor both agreed nationalized health care would benefit the mass population and create steady client base. The respected men in their profession declined to go on record with their names in fear of irrational arguments from angry mobs calling them socialists.

The computer technician said he sees a lot of people who make matters worse by trying to cure the infection themselves. “You’d be surprised by what people do just because they can’t afford preventative care,” said the certified technician.

The Miami doctor said he had seen patients with cuts from failed attempts to cure pc viruses. “They get angry because they do not know how to deal with the pain.”

Those cuts then proceed to get infected, because of the lack of maintenance. “It’s a serious matter,” said the doctor.

How serious? According to the doctor more and more people are clicking on fake pop-up advertisements not knowing about the real effects of these fake remedies.

These sites offer the patient a free diagnostic and warn the gullible individual they might have some type of virus or infection.

“That’s where they get the paranoid population,” said the doctor about the patients. “These sites then offer a “cheaper” product promising to cure everything.”

It has even affected the “i” generation (iPod/iPhone/iTouch/iWant/iMac population). According to an August 16th Reuter’s report 20 percent of teens ages 12-17 share and prescribe each other remedies.

“These gadgets are expensive,” iZ (Pronounced I –Zee) said. The 16 year- old trades his extras for favors, money and cures.

According to iZ Quaaludes and alcohol are a great combination to relax and meet people.

With the cost of medication going up and panic attacks costing as much as $12,000 no wonder people view hospitals the same way they view computer repair shops, a money pit.

Both the doctor and technician warn that more often than not people make matters worse."In the long run it will just cost you more agony and pain," the doctor said.

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