Feeling Nostalgic about things.

woke up today nostalgic about the "lack of eating cereal" every day for breakfast. As humans we are programmed to sit down at the breakfast table and be contempt with the morning ritual of "eating cereal." For me I hardly miss it, but there are times when "cereal" feels nice.
Having said that, I sometimes miss "cereal" for breakfast, though my current life style really digs the lunch for breakfast, lunch for dinner scenario.


1. 3 Rounds And A Sound / Blind Pilot 4:27
2. Green Eyes / Coldplay 3:43
3. Babyface / U2 4:02
4. Here Comes That Feeling / El Perro Del Mar 3:15
5. Oranges To Florida / Cerys Matthews 3:04
6. Yes, So On and So On / Thao 2:53
7. I Loved You / The Madd 2:49
8. Billie Holiday / Warpaint 6:44
9. Laura / Girls 4:52
10.The Fall / Stan Diego 2:43


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