1.Dead Houses / Wave Machines5:10
2.Winter / U2 6:18
3.In Your Line (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix) Telepathe...3:57
4.Comfortable, Comparable / Hooray for Earth5:59
5.(Don't Fear) The Reaper [A B-LIVE ORIGINAL] / Van She...4:10
6.Me Cago En El Amor / Tonino Carotone 6:05


Well this song from U2 has been on my mind for a while.
I really like the musical aspect of it, but there are sections where Bono just messes the song up.
It reminded me of U2. What I mean by that is that the song is not outlandish or completely tweaked out. It has a nice violin section and the Edge's guitar chiming a long.
I hope they work on Bono's vocals for this. Their unreleased new album is going to be amazing from the samples I've heard.

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