Paul Pierce and the Celtics


Paul "The Truth" Pierce has been playing more like Paul "The lost" Pierce. In his last 4 games Pierce has taken 43 shot and only converted 14.That's only 33%.

The Celtic has been plagued as of late by a sore knee and jammed finger. According to reports from Boston, Pierce talked to Celtics coach about taking a few games off to heal properly. 
"It's pretty banged up right now," said Pierce about his right thumb. 

Vs. Denver
31mins. 2-10 FG 0-2 3PTS 1-4 FTM Total - 5pts

Vs. Portland
26Mins. 3-9 FG 1-3 3PTS 2-2 FTM Total - 9PTS

Vs. The Lakers
41Mins 4-9 FG 1-4 3PTS 2-4 FTM Total - 11PTS

Vs. Sacramento
33Mins 5-15 FG 2-4 3PTS 5-5 FTM Total - 17pts

Ray Allen has been playing really well as of late, which is a rarity. Allen, who has been plagued by  inconsistency and injuries, had two incredible games last week. 
On Sunday's game he had 17 points in the first half and at one point was 9 for 10 from the field. 
Sadly, Doc Rivers forgot about this stat and failed to run any more plays in the third quarter for Allen. 
With Pierce out tomorrow against the Knicks we'll see if he does run more plays for Allen. 
Pierce sitting out will also give new acquisition, Nate Robinson, more time on the floor.

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