Ok, so I wanted the Beckham experiment to work. I really did. I love futbol/soccer and the fact that a player who could still play with that much publicity pull was great for the third-world-country-like MLS.
However, for the last 3 season Becks has been playing hurt. Something that is really unfair to the LA Galaxy and all of the people who spend their hard earned money to see him play.
After last year's fiasco I thought the California team would have said no to lending out Beckham. I guess the money is really that good.
However, for the second time since being on loan he has come back injured.
This time his Achilles heel is said to be the problem. An injury that will sideline him until next season.
Not to mention he will need time to trust the leg again regain his conditioning.
It seems that by the time he comes back to play his contract will be up. Out of his 3 years here he would have played half of it.

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