Open Relationships and Love Triangles


Today a friend named "Jenn", her husband and a cute friend, came along to a club I frequently attend. While there, her cute friend, which we'll name Monica, was being spoken to sternly by this guy I had never seen. So as the night progresses Monica and I make eye contact. She's about 5'2 average-build with a very cute body. While dancing I asked her, "Why was that guy talking to you so sternly?"

"Who, my boyfriend or my husband," she replied.
I laughed and looked at her as if were a joke.
"Yeah, both of them are here," Monica said.

According to her, her boyfriend and husband know of each other and they are ok with the open relationship. However, the boyfriend gets jealous when she talks to other men.

While dancing throughout the night she grabbed me a couple of times to dance and get close, but I spun away from her after a couple of seconds. From my experience love triangle are difficult and hard to cope with. I mean, The Verve and New Order have amazing songs about this type of romantic enlaces.

Also, though I really wanted to kiss her, I just felt kissing her would be like kissing the asshole boyfriend and her complaisant husband.

As the night went on my friend Marty, named after a grandfather she never met, and Monica started getting friendly. Disappearing acts and heavy kissing and padding occurred throughout the night. Now Marty plays for both teams, but she recently got into a relationship.

On the car ride to the club she was talking to me about how great this new guy was and how happy she is. Now, there are people who only think it's cheating if the person is from the opposite sex. Most guys are happy that a woman is bisexual in hopes it will lead to a threesome, which isn't always the case. At least when she is in relationship.

Now my question is: Would it be considered and indiscression by Marty?

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