Manu Chao - Clandestino. A proper song for Arizona


Thought this song appropriate today.
Today we celebrate yet another corp. American take on another country's festivities. Mind you, Americans don't need an excuse to drink everyday, but the fact Arizona has given the police the right to act like Gestapos is really messed up.

The Mexicans didn't cross the border, but the border crossed them originally. None of us are 100% Americans by pure blood, unless you are Native American. We feel patriotic for the country that allowed our relative to settle and dream their dream. We are a mixture of Europeans who forced their way across an ocean to live a life free of prosecution. Wow! Did that go wrong. lol

Sadly, as soon as some of us got our right to be called, "American Citizens" we turned our backs to our fellow brothers in need and said, "Go back to where you come from, you stinkin' refugee."

It's sad to still see this type of behavior and to see politicians who have, or at least are supposed to have, a firmer grasp on what is ethical not standing up against this bill.

Mind you, I don't have anything against people expressing their opinion, but a state acting like a Gestapo and profiling mostly South and Central Americans is just wrong.

This new policy

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