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Watching the world cup this year one can see the world's most skilled soccer players and compare them to one's team.

Having lived in Spain and having ancestry from there it is easy to pick one of the most dominant teams in the history of soccer: however, I consider myself more American than Spaniard. And in the last two world soccer events USA has been somewhat of an underdog story. Every time coming close to advance to the finals but always coming short. Not to mention that most love the underdog.

America played good in this world cup. Even when going 12-11 (the refs were just giving the other teams every call), they were able to fight adversity and slow starts.

The Great USA Hope

Donovan's (March 4, 1982), 28, skills are very good. He is small, quick and agile, which helps in a world of 6 ft + players. However, he often times disappears when the team needs him. Granted, the other teams need only cover Donovan and Dempsey, 27, and the USA can be held scoreless. He is still the most dangerous and skillful player the USA has.

But what about Jozy Altidore (November 6, 1989), 20,? I'm not convinced on Altidore. He is fast, big and forceful when going full speed; however, his grasp of soccer technique is not that good. Well, it's just right down awful. Based on his games in the world cup and in the European league his ball control is not good.

Altidore's passing and dribbling needs a lot of more work. There were a couple of times where he could have launch a pass across the net and just couldn't because of his lack of ball control.

He plays for a Spaniard team. He should go to a soccer academy there and learn the fundamentals. He could also train during the off-season with some of the retired Spaniard or French greats. Zidane, who has one of the best ball controls of any footballer I've ever seen, still lives in France. I'm sure spending a weekened with him and learning from someone SO skillful could definitely help. You also have retired soccer player Eric Cantona. Still 'til this day considered a God amongst Manchester United fans.

Both are great French legends who Altidore can communicate with without a problem since he speaks French.

Honorable Mention:

Tim Howard (March 6, 1979), 31, was amazing. The guy is truly a warrior. He was able to play with a broken rib. However, for the next world cup he will be 35 years old.


Who Will Make It?


David Villa and Spain have been playing pretty good. It is face to say that Villa La MaraVILLA (the marvelous) has been the one constant scorer for Spain. In a country so full of talent they circum to World Cup pressure every World Cup and end up winning-less. However, this year they are the top ranked team in the world.

Hot: Villa, Xabi
Cold: Torres

Fernando Torres, 26, is perhaps one of the best strikers in the game. The Liverpool player, who had surgery knee surgery on April 2010, seems to lack the killer instinct that has made him so lethal. Often times he has been slow or dribbled the ball too long only to lose it to an opponent.

Spain coach picked Torres over Raul for the national world cup team. Raul holds Spain's scoring record with 44 goals and is still an active player with Real Madrid.



There's nothing new to say about Brazil. Almost each individual player in that plays for Brazil plays for an European team and is world known. Kaka, Fabiano, Robinho have been stellar in this World Cup.

Hot: Fabiano
Medium: Kaka. He gets a lot of attention and people are all over him. I don't think he has taken off yet, but when he does, watch out.

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