NBA Free Agents


Last time I saw a countdown mean so much Lindsey Lohan was about to turn 18. 

The NBA free agency is upon us and many team owners are salivating.

After last week the Miami Heat seem to be in the running for The King. Miami has a history of building championship teams only to dismantle them the next year.

Look at the Miami Heat and Florida Marlins. However, if they are able to land Lebron and keep Wade, Chris Bosh is said to join the Miami.

However, is he the best fit? With Dirk in Germany and officially signing his release papers from the Dallas Mavericks he seems like the best fit for Miami.

With Wade at shooting guard, Lebron at small and Dirk at Center/Power Forward the Miami Heat could have the deadliest trio in the NBA. If they are able to trade Beasley and resign Haslem they will be 4 solid. The only question will be the point guard position. Chambers have been inconsistent and he really hasn't displayed any consistent point guard skills.

Mind you Haslem can also come off the bench and Miami can get a cheap center.


Boston is the biggest question mark. Doc has yet to make a decision on coaching the Celtics. Ray Allen is a free agent and Pierce decided to join the free agency.

Allen, if resigned, will make about $10 million less than this year. If Piecer does re-sign with the Celtics he will make about $8 million less. There's no way The Truth can command $18-$24 million a year. He's older and the injuries have started to pile up.

The only certain pieces for the Celtics are Garnett and Rondo. If Pierce and Allen do not resign with the Celtics they could be in the running for Lebron and another mid cap veteran.

Boston already has a capable bench with proven role players. 

Update: Doc Rivers has agreed Coach the Celtics.


The Bulls are the other team in the running for Lebron. They trade Hinrich to another team to clear space for Lebron. If Lebron signs with the Bulls Bosh said he would sign with them too.

The Bulls seem to have the best fit for a title if they sign Lebron. They are young and talented, but they have never made it past the second round of the NBA playoffs.

  The 2nd biggest Question of the Season:

If the Heat are able to sign Lebron and Bosh/Dirk will Riley come back to coaching?

Riley did it once in the 2005-2006, when he took over Stan Van Gundy and took the underachieving Heat to a title against the Mavericks.

Riley will have the power to subdue their ego. Riley is one of the few coaches/GM that everyone in the league genuinely respects. Spoelstra though a good coach doesn't have experience with multiple stars and their egos. Riley can subdue that just with his presence.

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