ESPN reporters bad talk Lebron.


Lebron James has received a lot of press as of late. He did handle that whole press conference thing in ill fashion. One of the positives is that all of the money made from that went to the Boys & Girls Club. But a lot of reporters and show hosts have come out to call him out on his move to join Wade and Bosh in Miami.

If Lebron was to join the Bulls people would have not been as harsh with their commentary. The Bulls have a pretty balanced team. Every position is well represented by a quality player. Furthermore, their bench is deep. The thing about Chicago is that their biggest star is a role player. Their point guard, Rose, is a great point guard and is/will be a future hall of famer. However, he wont be able to carry a whole team.

What if:
If Lebron did join the Bulls they would definitely be an Eastern contender. However, they are green. Though Lebron's "leadership" could have helped I don't think they would be tough enough to beat the aged Boston Celtics or the Lakers at the end.

Are you kidding? They are not and would of not been contenders until 2 years from now.

With Miami, Lebron has generated the most rage and bad publicity. Miami had Dwayne Wade, who is considered by many the 2nd or 3rd basketball player. By coming to Miami Lebron has secured himself a title. the team, which now boasts Chris Bosh (PF), James Jones (SG), Mike Miller (SG/SF), Zydrunas Ilgauskas (C), Mario Chalmers (PG), Udanis Haslem (PF), and Joel Anthony (C), has 9 veterans and needs 6 more players to go.

This is a pretty good and versatile line up. Asides from the bigs, most players can play various positions.

Foreseeable Problems:
Miami has signed a lot of perimeter players. Even the starting center (assuming it will be Ilgauskas) is a perimeter center who is not a defensive threat. The only starting low post presence will be Bosh. However, what makes Bosh such a threat is his outside shot.

In the post Bosh will have to be the leader and will need help from Lebron and Wade when he goes to help defensively-handicapped Ilgauskas. This will cause the Heat to switch/rotate many times.

Though Wade is considered a closer, when things start to go bad whom will be the first to point fingers?
When you heard the Big Three (Ray Allen, Garnett and Pierce) talk about whose team is was and who was going to take the last second shot, they were all said - in harmony, Paul. And on the last shot they all said Allen.

When you hear Lebron talk, he talks a lot about himself. A lot of "I" in his speech.

I would like to believe it will workout for the Miami Heat. I do think Wade and the way he was brought into the NBA playing with Shaq he can co-exist will another star in his team. Especially, with the team he won the Heat championship team.

On the other hand, Lebron has been brought up to play as a 1 man team. When he has depended on others they have let him down and the crowd and sport show hosts have criticized him for it.

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