Jessica's Surprise Birthday


There is something to say about prolonging a surprise past its time. My friend Jessica, whose birthday was last week, can be a bit of a social butterfly. Especially, when she attends art events.

Though she can be a good friend, she becomes a bit of an art snob who only hangs out with other art snobs.

Mike, Alex, and I where hanging out for her birthday at an art event she invited us to and left us to talk to other people most of the night.

It's one of those curious traits I often try not to imitate. Either way, it was her birthday last week, but I played it non-challant. I wished her a happy birthday at the day of the event and that was it.

Well today was Sunday and I'd hope to catch her at home and surprise her. I purchased 3 types of cake, as she can be very peculiar about not liking things, figuring I cant go wrong unless she's not in a cake eating mood. I also bought champagne and orange juice to make mimosas.

Overall, the carrot, vanilla, and red velvet cakes were a win. Publix does make excellent pastries.
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