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As expected the Miami Heat were able to secure the rights to Udanis Haslem. Haslem has played most of his NBA career with the Heat and it's also a reason why Wade took less money.

Haslem is a definite 10 ppg and 9 rpg type of player. Even though he came off the bench last year it wasn't because of his lack or diminishing skills. It was to give Beasley a shot at becoming a threat. Something Beasley has not really become. 

Though not as versatile as a lot of NBA power forwards, Haslem, is more of an old school type of forward. His game revolves around the post, and does have a decent 15 foot shot in his limited offensive arsenal.

According to sources he was offered up to $7 million dollars more from teams like the Dallas Mavericks.


In an interesting turn of events, Zydrunas Ilgauskas has decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and come to Miami. This will give Miami a tough perimeter team than can drive at will. It will also spread the low post for Bosh. No figures have been thrown around, but Ilgauskas has verbally agreed to become a Miami Heat player.


Mike Miller has agreed to also join the Heat. The 3 point specialist can play shooting guard and small forward. Though I'm not really convinced of his other offensive skills, he will become a key player and exploit the weak side when the Heat moves Wade to point.


The Miami Heat are adding a lot of perimeter players and little muscle inside. Haslem though a good low post player is undersized for the job. Bosh seems to be the only player capable of handling power forwards and centers. Though Ilgauskas will help offensively he is not a defensive player.

Miami will count on Wade and James' shot blocking skills to set the tone.

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