Cavs vs. Lebron


Cleveland Cavalier fans are up in arms about Lebron James leaving. They are burning shirts, making threats and calling Lebron A traitor. The power forward decided to leave his home in Cleveland to join the Miami Heat and win a title.

James, who has spent the last seven years in Cleveland, has continuously stated he has wanted to stay with Cleveland, but on Thursday he changed his mind. Cleveland's owner, Dan Gilbert, wrote a very angry statement calling Lebron short of being a loser.

"He has gotten a free pass," Gilbert said in a phone interview with The AP. "People have covered up for [James] for way too long. Tonight we saw who he really is."

The only true loyalty Gilbert has shown is to winning. He fired their head coach and let go of Danny Ferry. Ferry was instrumental in surrounding Lebron with great players. Even master minding the trade for Jameson, whom they got for nothing.

The thing is that Lebron can't win games all by himself. He is by all means a superstar, but in the NBA, nowadays, you can't win a title by scoring 1/3 of your team's points day in and day out.

You need other players to be consistent in their contribution. Look at the teams who have won the NBA title the last 10 years. The Lakers had (Kobe, Fisher and Gasol), Boston (Pierce, Garnett and Rondo) San Antonio (Parker, Gianobili, and Duncan). All of these teams had multiple players to rely on at certain points. The thing about the Cavs is that once James was having a bad game or once you put a good defender on him you knew the rest of the team wasn't going to win the game.

Cleveland made enough changes to bring in people who would contribute, but were inconsistent.

And though you can make the case for Jameson, he never really fit in. He was brought in at the half of the season and wasn't really implemented in the offense.

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