What it's like to own an Apple product.

Having an Apple product is a lot like dating a narcissistic super model. She's hot and beautiful and everyone envies you, but when things go bad you have to shell out a lot of $$$$ to fix things. Not to mention that you have to play by her rules (locked) and treat her like a baby because she's delicate (scatches and broken screens).

If they do something wrong they usually deny it

or throw a tantrum as a defense mechanism. Just like Steve Jobs did when people discovered that the iPhone 4 has reception issues. He went ahead and pointed the finger at everyone else.


Do I want one? No. I like the Android platform. Most of the apps iPhone users pay for I get for free. Not to mention as a perk, I don't have to pay for AT&T's crappy service. 

Apple spends a lot of money trying to distinguish its "superior" products from everyone elses. When you present your products to be superior than others you can't compare it to others when things go wrong. 

What are you telling your customers is that as long as it works it is a better product, but really it's just like any other product when things go bad. In other words, your product is just like any other product. 

So once you come to that realization you can hopefully rationalize that you are overpaying for the name Apple and/or "i" something. You even overpay for the insurance, which is $14 a month for the iPhone and $7 for other smartphones.

Apple had its superiority in processing back in the day. It was an amazing system to render graphics and edit multimedia. However, as time and technology has evolved Apple's only "advantage" (subject to debate) has been its operating system and the lack of viruses written for it. 

For those who think a Mac is unhackable do your research. 
2008 Fastest Hacked Computer
2009 Safari fastest hacked browser

For those who think the hardware is better, think again. The hardware for Apple products is made by different Chinese PC manufactures; Foxconn, Asus, and others. 

One should ask though: How come people are killing themselves at these Apple manufacturing plants?
But that is neither here or there. Though Jobs (the control freak he is) could do something about improving working conditions and employee moral. 

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