Feeding the Homeless


Every month I go Downtown and feed the homeless in my city. It's something I try not to mention often as good deeds should go unsaid, but to raise awareness you at times need to be vocal to get people's attention.

It all started with a project I was doing with the local newspaper. I'd go Downtown to take pictures of the homeless and offer them food for their "services."

Well almost a year and a half later and I'm still going down there once a month trying to get more people involved.
It seems to be working. I just landed a kitchen area to cook food for them. Rather than spending $ on the cheap 10 for $10 canned foods we can provide a better quality product and for the same price provide more food. Not to mention the food would be healthier and different every month.

This wouldn't be possible without the help of Michael Hatten. Though a strong republican in his views my goodwill has worn him down.

I hope the partnership works out. As it could benefit everyone, especially the homeless.

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