Tom Selleck : The Power of the Mustache

Tom Selleck aka Magnum P.I. is more known for his mustache than his acting. If you think about it, when was the last time you saw an actor have a mustache his whole career?

Magnum P.I (Private Investigator) made Selleck a household name, not to mention a sex symbol too.

Talking to my mother about Tom Selleck she first noted the mustache and then his height as her 2 favorite features.

 "No man has been able to look SO hot with a mustache," my mother said.
And it's hard to disagree with that comment.

I did a basic search for Tom Selleck and most of the searches included his the word mustache or moustache within the first paragraph.

"Don Scott reports Tom Selleck, his moustache and other familiar faces return to the small screen to keep the mean streets of the Big Apple safe."

There are even social network sites with users who have named their profile Tom Selleck's mustache and a musical band.

Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher have been in awe of the lip-ornament as well as the man. Kutcher twitted to his fans, "Tom Selleck's mustache is Victoria's Secret. Tom Selleck's mustache is the fifth Beatle..."

A couple of friends and I were having a discussion a while back and we all agreed that if we were to grow mustaches we wanted Tom Selleck's lip coat.

Not only is it safe as a man to fully worship Tom Selleck's 'stache, but it has also made him one of People's sexiest men. Though I'm sure People magazine would have named the mustache by itself the Sexiest Man alive if it weren't for the fact that you need a body on that 'stache.

Recently, he was on the morning show Regis and Kelly and he said he considered shaving his mustache for his role in Blue Blood. A cop show filmed in NY.

"I got about 20 minutes with the director, where I said, 'I think he shouldn't have one, but maybe we better ask CBS,' and CBS said, 'No, we want the mustache,'" Selleck said.

Selleck without Mustache

CBS knows a good thing when they see it. Tom Selleck's mustache is a trademark. A trademark that will get CBS a certain amount of followers, including the older 50-65 year old women who are in love with the 'stache behind the man.


I wonder if Selleck would be up for selling replicas of his mustache. I mean, who wouldn't want to sport a "Tom Selleck Mustache"?

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