Ecuador President to Police, "Shame on you!"


  The police has taken over the streets in Ecuador as the national army had to rescue its President, Rafael Correa, from the cops.
   According to the president he saw one person get shot in his rescue attempt.
   Speaking from a balcony of his presidential palace, Correa seemed defiant as he urged his enemies to come get him. In his statement he noted being baffled by how the police has turned against him.
"Nobody has supported the police as much as this government, nobody has increased their salaries as much," he said.
    The police's coup started Thursday morning, a day after the National assembly passed a law to reconstruct the country's armed forces.
    However, Correa said his political opposition have mislead officials and media outlets stating there would be pension and compensation cuts. Something Correa said isn't true. 
   Currently Ecuador has around 93,000 people in its armed forces. With the economy downturn the president has had to restructure the organization to become more professional and efficient.
   Sgt. Mejia, a police spokesperson, has urged his fellow police officers to stop the violence and go back to work tomorrow.
   Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela have all sent their support to Correa. Colombia and Peru both have closed their country's border with Ecuador in a sign of support.
   In a statement released by Hilary Clinton she said the United States does not condone any type of violence and sent her support to President Correa.
   Schools and government institutions have been closed for the last 2 days.

* Picture is of Correa being rescued from the hospital by the military.

According to news from inside Ecuador 2 police officers are dead and 37 people are hurt.

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