Education in Florida

Florida Republican representative sign a law that made it possible for the government to outsource education and enforce cyber schools rather than engage in upgrading the infrastructure that has caused most of the problems.
Florida has one of the highest drop out rates out of all 50 states. Making kids sit in front of a computer to learn will not help. Not every kid learns the same way and teachers (if good) find ways for the individual to learn it in a manner that is capable for them.
In a way I can see there being horrible teachers who just do it because they couldn't amount to do anything else. But then I know of teachers who wouldn't want to do anything else, but teach and they are good. In my opinion the best thing would be for teachers to go through a re-certification processes every 2-3 years.
They are watched n examined for a week with their students n have to pass a subject competency test. If they pass both tests then keep on teaching.
Sadly, the teachers who want to make a difference and go teach in poor areas (where the success/retention numbers are low) are left with lower pay because of the area's lack of general emphasis on education. We are in this problem because Florida always elects candidates who are conservative and the first thing they do is take money from education , lower property taxes, and place little responsibility on the parents.
Lowering property taxes affects just about every single civil worker. Teachers are the foundation of our future. The Huffington post wrote an article on April that researched what a good teacher was worth based on a corporate standard-the pay wage was $400,000 a year.
That of course incorporates the student's financial contribution and production.
For more on the Huffington Post article click here.

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