Writing a Book

The last three months I've been writing a book on and off. I'd written plays and short stories, but a book is a completely different beast. The books is about a guy who after 10+ years reunites with the love of his life.

She is heartbroken because her engagement had broken off earlier in the year and the new guy, whom she thought was going to be there for her, ends up playing with her emotionally.

So she goes back to her mom's home in the US with her friends from Italy. There the main character reunites with her and they all spend a week hanging out and getting to know each other again.

This in a way reaffirms his feelings for her.
So when she unexpectedly comes back to the states due to an illness in her family he takes the biggest opportunity of his life.

What follows is a day by day account of their last 7 days together.

I'm on page 86, I think. It's still on the very early stages, but it has proven to be rather difficult keeping my mind set on the page I'm writing rather than the whole picture.

I'm about 20 pages away from finishing the outline/rough draft. After that I have to revisit the whole project and write in the fine details, character development, and transitions.

At the end of the draft there will be about 100 pages. At the end of the project I think about 120.

I gave the very rough outline to a friend in the publishing world and she liked it, which means there is a chance the book can get picked up and printed.
I also had the idea of posting it on a blog like this and having the people who read it donate what they think the story is worth.

That way there's no costs or contracts with anyone. Plus, I'd get to keep all profits from the book.

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