Bin Laden

It’s hard not to be overcome with emotion knowing a person who has caused a nation so much fear and pain, emotionally and physically, is no longer able to. After all, it was him to created Al Qaeda to fight against outsiders from having a presence in Muslim countries and politics.

It’s interesting how he did not mind when the US helped Afghanistan get rid of the Russians. However, the US did desert them as soon as Russia pulled their troops from Afghanistan. America did not help set up an infrastructure. It left the country side with no real regime or power to take over. It basically became No Man’s Land.
So what happens? So what do you do once the war is over?

Well the local liberators become rulers of this land. Many of the guerrilla forces had been battling the Russians since infancy. A lot of these low level military men keep on following and doing what their leader states. It’s the military way. All they know is the army lifestyle.

Their leaders become stricter on their beliefs and way of life. The leaders start looking at their own people and community and try to change the perspective to resemble theirs. They have to set an example and anyone who has a vastly different opinion is against them. So they turn on anyone who does not join them. They create enemies out of boredom and paranoia.

Bin Laden’s Demise

The Al Qaeda leader had become so paranoid and reclusive he could not oversee day to day operations. According to reports, only a handful of people knew his whereabouts. His living quarters did not have access to the internet and phones. It was evident that Al Qaeda was no longer being run by him, but by individual cells who reported to him only when plans were being set in place.
His occasional videos and recordings were played to his followers as inspiration and as a reminder of their mission. In many ways Bin Laden had become a symbol and inspirational leader for Muslim extremists.

Though his bank accounts were being seized and traced, since he was considered good Muslim, his family could not cut him off.

Not only was he viewed as an inspirational figure to those who followed him, but he also served as a banker to many missions. His older sons were said to have been bankrolling his living arrangements through real estate deals and investments.

So is this really a win?

Morally it is a victory to those who have ever been affected by Al Qaeda. There are a lot of people who feel his death can bring closure for the people they’ve lost. This is understandable. However, this raises the question of who will take over? Osama’s number two man is Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri. He is an older man who will probably get caught soon. This leaves Al Qaeda with two options.
1. To find an up and coming unknown.
2. To run as separate cells.

Running as separate cells will benefit the US as they will be easier to infiltrate and take down. An unknown will have big shoes to fill. His ruling will probably be more strict and his threat a lot more dangerous. He will try to compensate for his lack of experience by doing something big to get his name out there. Hopefully the military will get him before this happens.

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