Ms. Casey Anthony


It's been a while since I've written so I'll do small summary of everything. The biggest thing going on this week is the result of the Casey Anthony case.

The lady whose child died due to negligent parenting, was found not guilty of 1st and 2nd degree murder, but was found guilty of lying to the police. This means she will have a 4 year prison sentence, which she has already partially served. The public response has been very similar to O.J.'s verdict. Everyone thinks she's guilty. Even after the verdict proved otherwise. Talking to a few people, they all shared the similar sentiment. She might not have been guilty of killing the baby, but of poor parenting, which indirectly led to the baby's death. This case is not the first of its kind to go on trial; however, it has really generated a lot of publicity. This could probably be tied to political gain and to generate public outcry. Either way, it backfired since the defense failed to prove its point. On the other hand though found not guilty, the public perception is that she is guilty. Her job prospect and future will really be defined by this case. The Lifetime Channel will probably make a movie of the week similar to this case. Not to mention several publishers, which will try to release a biography of Casey Anthony, will offer her millions. To quote Woody Allen, take the money and run. Move to another country and start a brand new life Ms. Anthony.

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