Taxes and Politics...Politics and Taxes


I've always thought it interesting that Republicans are so PRO America that they shell out jobs to other countries to gain larger profits. Currently, the US has a 35% tax on corporations. However, there are so many tax exemptions that the average company pays less than 25%.

Not too long ago there was a big article about how General Electric, which generates over a $1 Billion in revenues, was able to pay zero taxes based on exemptions.

Republicans say that these tax rates and the proposed higher tax rates will impede businesses from generating jobs. However, on this economic downturn most business will look into making their shareholders happy by counting those tax exemptions as profit rather than using it to develop more positions.

Now there is talk of lowering the taxes to 25% but cutting the loopholes that many companies abuse to pay little to no taxes.

Look as a Republican, if you are a true American, you want your country to be #1 at everything. You want your country to benefit from the best the world has to offer. That means spending money in a government infrastructure that allows it to grow into social programs that benefit everyone.

I always think it's humorous how ultra conservatives are all for America, yet it's about enriching America as a whole, they are against helping all of America. Instead, they want to select what benefits America based on self-interests.

When everyone is doing well, the more people will buy and spend money, which translates to more sales and profits.

America is a collective idea that everyone buys into to create one powerful, just and fair nation. The idea that everyone is counted as one and has the same rights as the next person whether rich or poor, it the right one.

The better educated our children are the more prosperous as a nation we'll be. This prosperity will lead to new innovations and job opportunities.

Currently, politicians have taken so much money out of educational programs that the US is ranked 17th in the world in education. To add insult to injury, teachers, who at times do a better job of being a parent than most parents, get paid poor wages, often have to buy their own supplies and even buy supplies for the students because there isn't a stipend to cover costs.

Not to mention that there are other programs that instigate creativity and are currently being gutted because they are not necessary. The arts lead to creativity and inspiration. Everyone listens to music, or goes to see movies, or goes to a play/theater/opera, or goes to a museum.

Most of us like to read novels and the news. All of which fall under arts.
They educate and inspire and are not the right programs to cut.

Under other day, tax loopholes should be exterminated. Only because a company creates a green product does not mean they should not pay taxes. They will still generate a profit on that technology through patents and production.
Republicans should really look at themselves and see how their "Pro-America" is not American at all, but rather "Pro-Profit" and enabling the country from reaching its true potential by not supporting the infrastructure that made this country great. America was once the leader in technology, music, innovation, the arts and science. All of which require what they themselves are gutting; Art and Education.

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