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Today, I read an article by A. A. Gil titled, “How Obama Lost the Europe Primary.” In the article the writer states, “Barack Obama may be the president of masterful inactivity...Mr. Obama never wrote, he never phoned, he never sent flowers or asked what we’d like, or if we had a beverage preference. He plainly didn’t care about Europe, and he didn’t care to pretend that he cared, which of course would have been the European diplomatic option.”

In some ways I agree. Obama hasn’t gone on many world trips to visit foreign countries. If and when he has; however, he has been scrutinized by the conservative party. Not too long ago conservatives claimed that Obama’s trip to India cost the government $200 million a day. Political pundit and ex-republican runner up Michelle Bachman, went as far as to state, “He's taking two thousand people with him. He'll be renting out over 870 rooms in India. And these are 5-star hotel rooms at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.” 

These allegations were then dispensed for weeks on Fox News, a conservative network with around the clock opinion programs disguised as news. This was later proven to be incorrect.

No other president has had his life and decisions scrutinized more, since being inaugurated, than Obama. Not only has the republican party’s Mitch McConnell, blatantly stated, “my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president. ” This has been a sentiment shared by many in the conservative party.

America has had to deal with a lot of internal turmoil: a bad economy, unemployment, job creation, effects of the housing bubble, the stock market crash, and a divided nation. A nation divided by race, politics and political division within a party (republicans and the tea party).

Not only that, but then you have people in power trying to create more turmoil by using the race card and birther issue to generates more tension.
Donald Trump is an example of that distraction with the birther crusade
. After the sea had calmed, Trump went at it again during the last few weeks before the elections. Trump offered to give $5 million  to a charity of Obama’s choosing if he would hand over his college transcripts.

If it were only a normal person, then this would not be an issue. However, when you have a network that gives an audience to people like this then you begin to add fire to the fuel. A poll conducted in June showed that there was an increase in those who believe Obama is a Muslim.  There are still many republicans who feel Obama is Muslim and was not born in America.

No one in congress has followed suit. Even Senator McCain, while running against Obama in 2008, stood up against the accusation at a public rally.

While inheriting two wars, job losses and a crippled economy, Obama has had to do things that have not won him any points with either side. As a president you have to act swiftly, and you have to be seen as doing something. However, nowadays everything you do is under a microscope.  
There are 24 hour news channels waiting to spin any reaction and comment the president states to generate more viewers. Dissecting every decision, action and reaction he has made.
If Obama spent any questionable time in Europe, people would start to say that he was there finding new ways to apply their socialist/communist agenda on America. Or that he was meeting with socialist there to find ways to transform America into a bankrupt Muslim nation – with a presidency that has $200 million daily luxury trips. 

While Barack Obama has not traveled as much to Europe he has managed to get one of the most influential people to handle his foreign affairs. No one has managed to criticize Unites States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her husband’s years as president helped her establish many connections in the political realm. Also, as a former first lady, she was seen by many as a strong leader and a person capable of standing outside her husband’s BIG shadow. 
Obama has been there when needed. Whether through state officials, giving the order to help in Syria, and giving the go ahead to capture Bin Laden; his impact has definitely been felt. 
America is broken in many ways, but through no fault of the ideals casted upon her. America is not racist. America is not a hypocrite. America is not sexist. After all, America is often referred to as she or her. 

She was raised by immigrants who wanted her to be free and provide their children endless opportunities. However, along the way, many of the people who promised to uphold and keep her dreams alive have failed her. We have people who do not want to help those immigrants seeking the dream the pilgrims had. Mind you, the pilgrims came here without papers. The Indians didn’t build a wall. 

Sadly, some of the people who inhabit her are racist. Some of the people who inhabit her are opportunists. Some of the people who inhabit her, through greed, self-interests and mismanagement, have broken her. Ultimately, we the people, we have failed her. 

President Obama has had to deal with racism, 8 previous years of mismanagement, 2 wars, corporate bankruptcies that could have killed the economy, a broken - almost unregulated - stock market, a housing crisis, a previous administration that had killed off job growth, and half of a political institution that is hell-bent on doing everything possible to make him a one term president. Even if going against him means going against the progression of the nation. 

Now through all of this, could Barack Obama spend more time in Europe? What would his presence accomplish? What would British Prime Minister David Cameron accomplish by coming to America? What would a visit from German Prime Minister Angela Merkel accomplish? They are all dealing with the same issues facing America. Spending the tax-payers’ money on unnecessary trips to Europe, when our foreign partners are happier with us now than the previous administration, is uncalled for.

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