University of Miami Late at Night

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Night shots of the University of Miami. This past summer I got to work at Miami Montage. This is University of Miami’s Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media. Having a background in photography and print journalism, I got to mentor and help out future journalists. It was a great experience. One I hope to do again next year. As far as these pictures, well, I really didn’t get much time to shoot. I was working from 7 am to 10 pm most days and was too exhausted to really think creatively at times. I like the fact that UM uses florescent lights in most of their buildings. It gives the shot this really nice blue color that (to me) makes it seem more atmospheric.

Two things I will miss the most are:

1. The students. Being a professor you get the students who want to be there and those who are just there to waste their time. For the most part I felt they were there with open minds and ears. Even our time off was spent either playing sports and bonding, or engaging in good conversation.

2. Riding my bike. It is seldom that I get to ride my bike on a daily basis. This time I got to ride it almost everyday. Those times I didn’t were to bond more with the students and be there for them. A lot of the times I had to leave in the evenings for my other job. This way I could get to know them on an individual basis.

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