Key West: A Day Trip


Went out with my friend Maria on Friday to Key West. She had wanted to go out and shoot and she found a Groupon for a bus trip to the keys for $30. So we packed up our cameras and went south in search of an adventure. I've been there before, but never went with a photo first mentality. We rented a scooter and went around the city looking for places. We found an old fort that had been turned into a little botanical garden (pics above). We also went to the old cemetery. That cemetery is so small, compact, and crowded. I love how odd the tombstones are from section to section.  
I switched from Zeiss 35mm FE to the 1970's 35mm Minolta 58mm f/1.4 lens with E-Mount adapter. Purchasing these legacy lenses have forced me to learn bout Hi, MED, and Lo Peaking Modes on the A7R. I've also been exploring more with aperture, shutter, and ISO combinations. I'm not at a point where I am an expert. I still get confused and sometimes forget to change things (like the ISO) between photos. 
I thought I had cleaned the sensor day before.However, I had left the sensor with spots not visible to the eye, but visible to the sensor when taking photos at longer shutter speeds. I was not happy at all and had to order a sensor cleaner from Amazon to be delivered the next day. Originally, I was afraid the Zeiss lens cleaner I used on the sensor had somewhat damaged the sensor. However, I realized that it was just the tools used that left debris. 
I cleaned the sensor this morning and took a couple of test shots. It seems the sensor is back to being clear.
Well back to the photos. I was sitting in Captain Tony's bar, the original Hemingway hang out, before Sloppy Joe's moved to a bigger location. There was an interesting woman having a stressful day. I wanted to capture her natural beauty and stressful characteristics. I think I managed to do that. Those were shot with the Minolta 58mm f/1.4 at about f/4.0.

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